Downtown Alliance Award goes to Alamo Music Center!

Downtown Alliance Award to Mr. Flores  Mr. Alfredo Flores Jr was honored at the Downtown Alliance Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 19 for his many years of service in promoting the Downtown area.
  Mr. Flores states:   "Downtown Alliance continues to be the most worthy and productive organization for folks who live, work or play downtown.  To be involved   
 with Downtown Alliance gives one the opportunity to contribute to the building of the fresh admirable and secure downtown environment for themselves and the
 city's future. I was privileged to work on the Board for its whole life cycle so far.  I am not retiring to stay away, but to give younger folks a place to pursue
 the same goals as I have- building a better Downtown world.   I appreciate the honor given me for my work, but it will continue through networking and
 participation from Alamo Music, myself and our employee's who all believe in the great cause." 

 Downtown Alliance