Petting Zoo's

Its just like a real zoo but with instruments!  Petting Zoo's are geared more for children of all ages who want to start band, or begin playing an instrument and don't know what type of instrument they want to play.  Petting Zoos give kids a chance to try out different instruments, see how they work, and find out which one fits them best.  We have three types of Petting Zoos for different instruments.   

Brass Petting Zoo

Woodwind Petting Zoo

Percussion Petting Zoo

At each Petting Zoo we have an expert there to answer all your quesitons and direct the kids how to play the instruments.

Our Petting Zoos are free and disigned specifically to help educate the younger generation on music.  We also give away Alamo Music goody bags for the kids when you come. 

To find out the dates on our petting zoo's please click here to visit our calender.