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Guitars and Basses Shop

Our Techs are certified by Taylor guitars and can fix any kind of problem you got. They can fix all the brands we carry and they do everything from changing strings to recodition frets to fixing cracks. Bring your instrument in so we can put you back on the stage!

Orchestral Instruments Shop

Do you have an instrument that has been in the family and needs a repair? Or a beginner with an unlucky accident to your orchestral instrument? Please come on in to get the repair you need so that you can continue your musical tradition. Our techs can do all repairs from setting the sound post, adjust finger board, to furnishing and fixing cracks. Lets us fix that instrument of yours to give you that professional look that you deserve!

Electronic Shop
Alamo's two techs work on everything from tube amplification to the latest in digital synthesis. Established in the early 70's we are particularly proud of our parts data that enable us to perform component level repair on older equipment. We have an extensive knowledge of sound reinforcement gear, and are a warranty repair station for many manufacturers. From a Hammond B-3 to a Korg Trinity, from a Vox amp to a Yamaha Rev 100 we can service it.
Band Shop

Woodwind and Brass craftsman apply their trade here. We do cleaning, adjustment, repair and overhauls. Our two full time repairmen are involved in the school music business here in the South Texas. Our repair techs participate in several band festivals, offering free, on the spot repairs. We are also involved with the professional musician here in our area. It is not unusual to go into our shop and see visiting artists adjusting and fine tuning their horns here at Alamo.


Piano Shop

Our repair and tuning team is experienced and in great demand. Alamo Music Center has the oldest and longest running piano shop in San Antonio. We are in great demand by artists and institutions for high quality tuning and voicing. We do extensive work for the San Antonio Symphony, University of Texas at San Antonio and many other colleges, music groups and churches. We are proud of our reputation in the music community, but we are equally committed to the hobbyist and young piano student. Whether its an older upright for a young beginner or a fine grand, we can bring out the best the instrument has to offer, and we can do it at a fair and reasonable cost. Our rebuilding services  are a great resource to the piano owner. Whether its regulation, restringing, or complete renovation, we are available for estimates. We also offer written appraisal service. Alamo Music Center was built on the piano business and we are proud of our legacy.

Alamo's service department is one of the finest collection of technicians and repair resources in the country. We are totally committed to the repair, renovation and maintenance of musical instruments. We do not merely send instruments to the factory for repair. Our various shops are equipped to handle our customer's service needs in house, with the correct tools and equipment, parts and technical personnel. Our repair personnel are experienced and factory trained. They have collectedly accumulated over a hundred years of experience. We welcome your questions and comments. We are proud of our service.

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