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On top of being a musical instrument repair shop and store, we also are a school of music. Get the best San Antonio Piano Lessons at our stores. Here you can take lessons on just about any instrument you'd ever want to learn.  Our passion is to see people learn to play and be equipped with the right instruments along their musical journey.  It's never too late to start learning (seriously, we've had 90+ year olds start lessons and be successful). 

Discover the joy of making music.  It's one of the few things that we can claim will legitmately make your life better.  We offer both group and one-on-one lessons in addition to many one-off seminars and clinics. Music making leads people to discover inner springs of creativity, expression and peace. Music brings a deep sense of inner-wellness that is, really, priceless.

Furthermore, studies show that music helps children and adults alike to excel in life.  Noted psychologist and music therapist Cynthia Briggs, MM, Psd. states that” promotes discipline, concentration, hand-to-eye and body coordination, rhythmic skills and the ability to stay with a task.” Studies being conducted under Dr. Barry Bittman at the Yamaha Wellness Institute are showing how music even effects us postively on a molecular level. Other studies have reported that those who studies music scored higher on SAT and college entrance exams than those who did not study music.  One study even reported that those who studied music reportedly had on average a 40 point higher IQ (good thing we're not an academic journal, otherwise we'd need citations here). We're going a little bit overboard here but, seriously, music education is one of the best investments you can make with your or your child's time.  Get involved. You won't regret it.

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