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Created to promote San Antonio's Bands! $40,000 of lights, effects, and equipment for your band to use.


Your Video will be posted on Alamo Music Center's Youtube Channel

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Promote Your Band with a Video Shoot on our Stage

  • Very Inexpensive compared to other studios
  • We provide amps, lights, drums, fog, effects, anything you need

We have had an MTV/VH1 video of "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" , big in the United Kingdom, after 3 days of filming in our store!

All performances are recorded live using featured product on display. To connect yourself and/or your band with Soundstage, fill out the form at the top of this page. This video will be placed on YouTube and you will be able to promote your band’s music by crafting a video to show your venues! Any questions call 210-224-1010 ask for Jesse!

One huge name is MAX FISHER (who won the 2011 ASCAP best singer/songwriter award) performed on SoundStage! Check out his video below. We also have our own ROCK SCHOOL (ages 7-18) performing right after learning how to play music! Click on their link below to see more or CLICK HERE to register for their next session!


Bands Featured on Soundstage:

Sunshine Road                                 Willing & Abel                              Jose Ramirez and the Third Sun

Numb                                                   Morning Sky                                   Wendy Risoli

House by The Ditch                             AXE                                                 Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Signal Fist                                           Junes Not Faking                            Infinity Kill  

Breaking Boundryz                             Robert Lopez                                   Trey Villegas & Rene Gonzalez

Benny Harp                                         Pariah's Dog                                    Los Mas Buskaos

Night Train                                          Rockstar Riot                                   Men in Christ

Reliance                                              Izzy Guez                                         Kulprett Kommand

Wendy Risoli                                      Under Pressure                                AMC All Stars

John Blanco y Grupo Blanco              Jasper's Cast                                   Stephano

Reed Washington                               Spirit Breeze                                   War Criminals

The Hooch                                          Traces of Ritual                               Bobby Angel

 N DOT C                                             Sans Faith                                       Written Vengence

Heather Leather                                 Matt Ward                                       Ruined Faith