All of our professionally trained instructors share our motto, "Life is more fun when you play music!".

You can read the biographies of several of our teachers below.


Aaron Walker: Drums (Both Locations)

Abel Miranda: Guitar (Downtown)

Adrian Martinez: Ukulele (Babcock)

Angela Malek: Voice (Both Locations)

Austin Zettner: Guitar (Downtown)

Baldemar Galvan: Drums (Babcock)

Brandy Reese: Piano (Babcock)

Belva McCann: Piano (Babcock)

Brenda Duncan: Piano (Babcock)

Briana Dunn: Piano, Flute (Downtown)

Carmen Cantu: Woodwinds (Downtown)

Chadwick Gonzales: Drums,Percussion (Both Locations)

Danny Maldonado: Bass Guitar (Downtown) 

Eric Saenz: Guitar (Babcock)

Isabel Romero: Piano (Downtown)

James Edwards: Piano (Both Locations)

Kayla Castro: Cello (Both Locations)

Luis Gonzalez: Guitar (Babcock)

Mark Little: Piano (Downtown)

Michael Badillo: Violin (Both Locations)

Mike Brown: Woodwinds (Both Locations)

Pancho Garza: Guitar (Downtown)

Pierre Poree: Brass (Babcock)

Robert Garcia: Guitar (Babcock)

Ruben Rodriguez: Bass/Brass (Downtown)