All of our professionally trained instructors share our motto, "Life is more fun when you play music!". This is a list of some of our teachers who have links to their bio. Please click on each instructor to learn more about them!

To sign up, contact our stores by phone or fill out the lesson form online by Clicking Here! or find it under the School of Music tab

Our Instructors:


Aaron Walker: Drums (Both Locations)

Abel Miranda: Guitar (Downtown)

Adam Colunga: Violin/Viola (Downtown)

Austin Zettner: Guitar (Downtown)

Baldemar Galvan: Drums (Babcock)

Brenda Duncan: Piano (Babcock)

Briana Dunn: Piano, Flute (Downtown)

Brooke Rollins: Piano (Downtown)

Caleb Bierstedt: Drums (Downtown)

Carmen Cantu: Woodwinds (Downtown)

Chadwick Gonzales: Drums,Percussion (Both Locations)

Danielle White: Vocal (Downtown)

Danny Maldonado: Bass Guitar (Downtown) 

Ernie Gambs: Fiddle, Mandolin (Downtown)

Fred Flores: Button Accordion (Downtown)

James Edwards: Piano (Both Locations)

John Rupert: Guitar (Babcock)

Josh Pepper: Piano (Babcock)  

Justin Komin: Banjo (Both Locations)

Luis Gonzalez: Guitar (Babcock)

Mark Little: Piano (Downtown)

Mike Brown: Woodwinds (Both Locations)

Pancho Garza: Guitar (Downtown)

Pierre Poree: Brass (Babcock)

Rick Prieto: Guitar (Babcock)

Robert Garcia: Guitar (Babcock)

Ruben Rodriguez: Bass/Brass (Downtown)

Sarah Arce: Vocal