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    As an accordion player, you know you need to maintain your instrument. Helping keep it ready for practicing and gigs, we offer a selection of accordion accessories, including cases, cleaning supplies and accordion straps.

    Finding an Accordion Strap

    Accordion players all have their preferences for holding and supporting the instrument. It takes significant force to move the bellows back and forth - and that's not including the freedom you need to press the keys or buttons. Some individuals prefer to do this without a strap while standing. Others seek out accordion straps that fit around the arms or the back for varying degrees of support.

    In general, there's no "right" accordion strap. Rather, it all comes down to how you play and what makes you the most comfortable. Unless an absolute beginner, a player shouldn't regularly be adjusting their position. Otherwise, you're not fully focused on the music.

    As a baseline, your accordion should feel connected to you without moving around significantly. Shoulder and back straps assist with this. With either accordion strap:

    • The accordion's keyboard should be arranged vertically. You shouldn't find your fingers having to play at an angle.
    • If you're sitting down, the bellows should be in your lap. At this stage, some players also prefer a leg protector, although it's not essential.
    • The accordion should sit vertically, rather than leaning forward away or toward you.

    With these points in mind:

    • An accordion strap shouldn't be loose and, rather, should help the instrument sit close to you and prevent it from shifting around.
    • Strap strength differs based on accordion size. A strap for a small accordion won't be able to support a larger, 120-button instrument.
    • Leather straps tend to last longer and offer a greater degree of strength than synthetic and textile options.
    • Depending upon your level of comfort and the support you need, consider an accordion strap with padding.

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    Find several types of accordion straps, as well as other accessories, at Alamo Music Center. Browse multiple materials and padding options to find the right solution for your instrument.