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    You feel conflicted. On one hand, you've always wanted to learn the guitar. You've been a fan of rock or folk music or wish you were a singer-songwriter able to put together a tune with a few chords. Or else, you experienced someone performing classical or Spanish-style guitar and wonder how you could play like that. Even if you pine to play an electric, you know that acoustic guitars help you build technique.

    On the other hand, you see how much an acoustic guitar costs and all the accessories you need to get started, even as a beginner. "Is it worth it?" you think to yourself, or will you just continue to be in the audience? When you're in a quandary such as this, Alamo Music Center offers a convenient and cost-effective solution with our acoustic guitar value packs.

    What's in an Acoustic Guitar Value Pack?

    Interested getting started? Sets may include the following items:

    • An acoustic guitar, with a quality yet affordable option to get you started from a brand like Yamaha.
    • A strap to support your guitar as you get a feel for your instrument.
    • A case or bag to keep your acoustic guitar secure whenever you transport it, be it to lessons, a jam session or eventually to a gig.
    • A clip-on tuner to help you work on intonation during tuning and as you play.
    • A stand to support your guitar at home without having to keep it in the case all the time.
    • A humidifier to take into account storage conditions, which can affect the woods composing an acoustic guitar's body.
    • A care or maintenance kit to clean and keep up its appearance.

    Find Acoustic Guitar Value Packs at Alamo Music Center

    Get off to an affordable start with our acoustic guitar value packs, and learn what you've always wanted to learn. Explore our offerings today, consider signing up for trial lessons to get to know your electric guitar, and take advantage of our multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.