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    As a musician, it can take a while for you to find a preferred brand. During your student years, you might have started out with a rental, before purchasing an instrument. Yet, from lessons with an instructor, orchestra or jazz ensemble, you heard others with a brighter, bigger and clearer sound and likely wondered to yourself, "What are they playing?"

    If you're a guitar player, there's a chance that you might've heard a Fender, specifically a Stratocaster, or even a Gibson and wanted to experience it for yourself. You, then, may have stopped by a music store to try out the instrument, or saved up for one, while working a part- or full-time job, to be able to put a down payment on it or pay for it in full.

    In all cases, once that instrument was yours, it felt as if your sound quality was suddenly elevated, and you were on par with the other top players in your group or ensemble.

    Perhaps you went pro as an adult, after completing a music degree in college, or you stayed an amateur who regularly plays out for fun. Either way, playing for a number of years on a quality instrument has fine-tuned your ear, and you want to tell others about it.

    Find Fender, Gibson & More Brand Apparel at Alamo Music Center

    There's no pretending that other instruments meet the quality of your Fender or Gibson guitar, and that's why Alamo Music Center offers a selection of apparel from some of the top manufacturers out there. Your ears always go toward their specific tones, and your apparel choices head in the same direction.

    For the student, amateur and pro musicians out there who have developed a specific preference after years of practicing, shop T-shirts, caps and more styles bearing the logos from top guitar and instrument manufacturers, including in modern and retro styles for men and women.