Arturia KeyStep Portable Mini Keyboard with Sequencer

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A compact keyboard with slim keys and so much more! Arturia's KeyStep not only plays nice with your software instruments, but it will also play nice with: MIDI, CV, DIN Sync and Sync.  Add a sequencer/arpeggiator and chord play, and this backpack-ready controller has just become a portable production hub for your favorite DAW and portable synthesizer/drum machine.  Far easier to play than mini-keys, the slim keys provide a better playing experience for more seasoned keyboardists. Arturia's KeyStep, a portable powerhouse of a controller!

Features and specs:

Main Features

  • Arturia’s own Slimkey keybed with velocity and aftertouch
  • Arpeggiator mode:
    • Up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up, double down modes
  • Sequencer mode:
    • 8 polyphonic step-sequences with Rest, Tie, and Legato note entry
  • Rate control and tap tempo:
    • REC, PLAY, and STOP buttons for performance control over the sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Sustain HOLD button
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • Chord play mode
  • SHIFT button selection:
    • MIDI channel selection, GATE time, SWING values
  • DC jack for standalone operation
  • USB MIDI connects to computers and our MCC editor
  • MIDI in/out ports
  • Sync i/o ports:
    • Supports 1 pulse per step, 2 PPQ (Korg Volca), 24 PPQ DIN sync, 48 PPQ DIN sync
  • Sync select switches:
    • Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock
  • CV/GATE outputs:
    • CV supports 1Volt per octave, Volt>Hz modes, Gate output 5V or 12V for modern or vintage gear support
    • CV Velo/Aftertouch/Modwheel output
  • Capacitive-touch pitch bend and mod wheels
  • Each sequence can have 64 steps, each step can have up to 8 notes
  • Low power; can be powered by Apple iPad® (camera connection kit required)