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    Players don't just play. Being in an orchestra, whether at a student or professional level, involves maintaining your instrument, so it's ready to go and make music with the desired tone.

    For your school's ensemble and for your own instrument, Alamo Music Center offers a vast selection of band and orchestra accessories.

    Accessories for Woodwinds and Brass

    If you blow on a woodwind or brass instrument without a mouthpiece, will it actually make a sound? It will, but it definitely won't be what you're wanting to hear.

    Woodwind and brass players go through mouthpieces, reeds and ligatures with regularity, and Alamo Music Center is here to keep your case stocked up for the next practice session or gig. Along with these key items, we'll help you clean and lubricate your instrument with various maintenance kits and valve oils, and offer mutes sized to your bell.

    Accessories for String Instruments

    When a string breaks, that not only throws off the tension for your bridge, but also means you can't access a whole range of notes. Because this happens often at the most inopportune times, keep your case stocked with backup sets of strings and a second bow.

    General Practice Accessories

    For yourself as a player and ensembles as a whole, Alamo Music Center has the accessories to make your practice sessions more meaningful. Find metronomes and tuners to keep time and watch your pitch, adjustable stands to see your music at eye level, and folders for storing and organizing all pieces.

    Furthermore, our selection offers various cases and instrument stands - essential when you're bringing and switching between multiple instruments during rehearsal.

    Find Band and Orchestra Accessories at Alamo Music Center

    Keep yourself and your players ready to go with Alamo Music Center's wide array of band and orchestra accessories. Explore options for storage, maintenance and stocking up essential supplies.