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The NEW Roland FP-30X Portable Digital Piano - DEMO & Overview

The FP30 was already one of the top instruments in the category, and with these new improvements, the FP-30X makes an even more impressive claim for class superiority. All in all, the FP30X is a worthy follow-up to the Roland FP30. This slim and stylish portable piano features an enhanced sound engine, more powerful onboard speakers, and increased polyphony. Featuring Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano technology and the same expressive 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard as the premium FP-60X, the FP-30X is the perfect home instrument for seasoned players. And with its easy-to-transport weight and Bluetooth connectivity for lessons and play-along audio, it's an ideal choice for any pianist who wants to develop their skills or perform at small events.

**Upgrades over the FP30 include**

  • Polyphony increased to 256 notes
  • 21 additional onboard tones for a total of 56
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Twin ¼” outputs
  • Increased Data playback options
  • Compatibility with new Piano Everyday app

Introduction to the Roland FP-30X Digital Piano

Roland FP-30X Features Roland’s 88-note PHA-4 Standard Keyboard Action

Returning from the FP30, the Roland FP30X digital piano once again features Roland’s 88-note PHA-4 standard keyboard action with Ivory-touch and escapement. This is a professional, high-quality action used throughout Roland’s lineup up to the $2,000 mark, at which point the action shifts to the PHA50. This really demonstrates the FP30X’s exceptional value – a remarkably portable digital piano available for what amounts to slightly more than an entry-level price point. If you told someone 10 years ago that they could get a hammer action grand piano keyboard this good at this price, they would have laughed at you.

You’ll also find the in the FP-60X, F701, and the RP701, which is a borderline high-end home digital piano. There’s a nice texture with the ivory feel keys, a well-executed escapement sensation modeled after a real piano, and is quite quiet as far as digital piano key actions go due to its solid construction. The total range of sensitivity expression may not be as large as Roland’s higher-end actions, the PHA-50, and Hybrid Grand action, but it’s still widely regarded as the top action in the class.

Roland FP-30X Features Roland’s Renowned SuperNATURAL Piano Sound Engine

The FP-30X utilizes Roland’s highly regarded Supernatural Piano Sound Engine with built-in ambience effects. This engine is also a mainstay throughout Roland’s lineup under the $2,500 price mark. It’s got 256 notes of polyphony – literally double the polyphony of the FP-30 – meaning the odds of ever running out of juice with this sound engine, even if playing complex classical music, are slim.

They’ve doubled up the onboard acoustic piano tones to 12 and beefed up the electric piano tones to 20, while offering 24 various additional tones, such as strings and synthesizers. There’s a solid 22 amplifier running the two-speaker system – you won’t need any additional power for home use, but you should be performing in a professional setting, there’s a ¼” out port for quick connectivity to an external amp or PA.

Roland FP-30X’s Bluetooth MIDI Connectivity

One of the most surprising upgrades with the FP-30X is the inclusion of Bluetooth Audio, as this feature is generally reserved for instruments at a higher price point. Bluetooth Audio turns your instrument into a large Bluetooth speaker for streaming music from a smart device.

The FP-30X retains MIDI Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which means you don’t need to bother with cables when connecting to mobile devices to access apps such as Roland’s Piano Designer, which gives the user an enormous amount of control over the piano sound. Additional music apps you’ll want to check out include Garage Band and Sheet Music Direct, among many others.

Another nice upgrade is the inclusion of L/MONO, R ¼” output connectors. With the FP-30, if you wanted to connect to an amp you had to use the headphone port which is less than ideal. The presence of twin ¼” outputs solidifies the FP30X as a true gigging instrument.

The FP-30X also has an on-board option to connect USB memory to capture songs recorded with the onboard recording function.

FP-30X’s Notable Features

It’s simple, but the combination of tone and touch the FP30X delivers is seriously tough to beat for the price – definitely the main highlight of this instrument.

  • Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL Piano engine
  • PHA-4 Standard 88-note action with escapement and ivory-feel keys
  • Onboard 22W stereo amplifier and two stereo speakers delivers great sound
  • Headphone output lets you play at all hours
  • Compact and lightweight for those on the go
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with Android and Apple iOS (Audio and MIDI) lets you use the FP-30X with popular apps
  • Dual and split modes for duets and self-accompaniment
  • A broad selection of non-piano sounds
  • Metronome
  • Twin Piano mode
  • 30 internal songs
  • USB-to-device memory slot lets you:
  • Save songs recorded with a built-in SMF recorder
  • Play along with favorite songs in WAV or SMF format
  • USB-to-host port lets you connect with your computer
  • Optional DP10 sustain pedal/damper pedal with half-damper control

Optional three-pedal unit (KPD-70, which can also be used as a hands-free page-turner with some sheet music apps) and optional matching stand (KSC-70) available as add-on accessories provide a classic piano look.

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