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It's human nature to seek out quality, and a brand that has built its reputation on centuries of fine construction epitomizes that. That's why, at Alamo Music Center, we stock some of the most recognizable brands across the board in all categories - pianos and keyboards, guitars, band and orchestral instruments - in electric and acoustic options.

Piano Brands

Piano brands like Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway & Sons and Baldwin have stood the test of time, developing reputations based on their instruments' playability and sound quality. Advancing that those aspects while also considering convenience, Yamaha and Kawai have expanded their lines beyond grand and upright offerings into digital and player pianos, ensuring everyone, at all levels, can find a quality instrument to perfect their craft.

Guitar Brands

Whether you'll play on nothing but a Fender, appreciate the organic tonal quality of a Taylor, or prefer a Gibson, Martin or Ibanez, Alamo Music Center stocks these and more guitar brands, with new and used options for familiar models and instruments at all levels of playing.

Keyboard Brands

Although keyboards overlap in design with pianos, their functionalities and capabilities deserve a separate category. Whether you're seeking to play live or compose a full song right from your bedroom, models from Casio, Roland, Yamaha or Kawai meet your vision with a host of advanced features and capabilities.

Accordion Brands

Especially with its Anacleto line, Hohner has turned into the aspirational accordion brand, respected by the top players across all music styles. Explore these beautiful instruments today, with options for beginner to professional levels.

All Musical Instrument Brands

Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade to a higher-quality, more advanced option, browse Alamo Music Center's vast selection of musical instrument brands. We'll help you out with trial lessons, and offer a choice of financing and layaway solutions, including 12- to 48-month no-interest options at times.