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    Digital pianos, unfortunately, have earned a reputation as second rate. Kawai, since introducing its first digital models, has strived to craft this electronic-based line, as well as its hybrid options, in parallel with its acoustic offerings.

    Representing its top-tier line, the Concert Artist (CA) Series upends all expectations by merging the most recent advances in digital sound technology with authentic action. The result allows players to experience the responsiveness and tones of performing on a Kawai concert grand, provides a compact option for practicing at home or in a music school, and has won multiple awards since its inception.

    About the Concert Artist Series

    Of all Kawai digital pianos, the CA Series has netted the most awards. What makes them so unique?

    • Harmonic Imaging™ sound technology first emerged through the CA Series, delivering quality on par with an acoustic.
    • Piano action strives to replicate the feel of playing on an acoustic, and the CA Series incorporates real wooden keys and natural movement. The player gets both the resistance and response they need to execute dynamics and articulations with precision, without making compromises in a practice setting.
    • The soundboard adds to both the action and resonance. Made with real spruce, the soundboard not only contributes to the responsiveness but further adds to the instrument's resonance.
    • Technological advances typically appear first in the CA Series of digital pianos before they're added to other Kawai instruments. As such, the CA Series represents an advanced confluence of digital technologies and traditional piano craftsmanship.
    • The sound draws from Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos, the peak of Kawai's acoustic models and respected the world over for their luxurious tone and attention to craftsmanship. CA Series models sample tones from the SK-EX, a nine-foot concert grand, and the SK-5, a 6 ft., 7 in. chamber grand, while offering additional tonal possibilities.

    Models in the Kawai CA Digital Piano Series

    Instruments in the CA Series of digital pianos include:

    • Kawai CA59: The successor to the CA58 digital piano, this intermediate model combines natural-feeling wooden keyboard action with Harmonic Imaging XL sound samples and new features like an OLED display.
    • Kawai CA49: The CA49 is the Concert Artist series' introductory model, delivering Grand Feel Compact action and Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound samples and including an OLED display among other new features.
    • Kawai CA79: One of the Concert Artist Series' upper-end models, the CA79 digital piano picks up where the CA78 left off. Players get a grand piano-like sensation and tone, thanks to Grand Feel III action, Shigeru Kawai SK-EX sound engine and Onkyo amplifier technology.
    • Kawai CA99: Emulating a concert piano experience is updated Grand Feel III keyboard action, 360-degree speaker panels for greater sound projection, a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX sound engine with multichannel sampling and resonance modeling, an LCD touchscreen and a modern cabinet design.

    Find CA Series Digital Pianos at Alamo Music Center

    Searching for a quality digital piano? Get it from Kawai's CA Series, available at Alamo Music Center. Start your search and learn about all features online, or come by

    one of our brick-and-mortar locations. Along with two San Antonio stores, we have two Kawai showrooms with acoustic and digital pianos available:

    CA Series Digital Pianos in Austin, TX

    Whether you're a newer player or someone advanced wanting a quality practice instrument, our Austin Kawai Showroom lets you explore where precise sound intersects with digital technologies. As a factory-authorized dealer, we provide wholesale pricing and convenient shipping to your location.

    CA Series Digital Pianos in St. Louis, MO

    You might be tempted to purchase a digital piano strictly on features alone, but if you're in the St. Louis area, our recently opened Kawai showroom presents an opportunity for testing them out first. Get to know the sound quality and features, and see which model best suits your goals before making a commitment.

    For your purchase, we offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times, and trial lessons to help you get to know your instrument.