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We have here a Cable Studio Piano that would be great for a beginner piano player looking to bring an acoustic piano into their home at low cost.

Hobart M. Cable. Cable and Conover acquired the Schiller Piano Co. of Oregon, Ill. By 1920 The Cable Piano Co. had two factories. One factory located in Chicago at 22nd Street, Paulina and Dale Place. The second factory at St. Charles, Ill. In the 1920s George J. Dowling was president and The Cable Co. was manufacturing Conover, Cable, Kingsbury; and Wellington, and Schiller pianos. Player piano names Conover Carola Inner-Player, Conover Solo Carola Inner-Player, Carola Inner-Player, Solo Carola Inner-Player, Euphona Inner- Player, and Solo Euphona Inner-Player. “Tonarch” and “Crownstay”, trademarks of the Cable Co., Chicago. “Tonarch” a patented sounding-board-and- frame construction used in uprights and “Crownstay” designed to maintain the curvature of soundboards in grands. Other owners of the Cable Company include Aeolian with the factory at 2718 Pershing Ave., Memphis, TN., Jackson & Wabash, Chicago, Ill., and Winter & Co.

The Cable Piano Company claimed to be "the world's greatest manufacturer of pianos, inner player pianos, and organs." Cable built a factory in 1901 in St. Charles on 3.5 acres west of the Fox River. Cable Piano Company became known not only for its products, but also for its working conditions. During the factory's heyday in the early 1900s, there were as many as 500 employees, many of whom were women. Employees could enjoy the company sponsored brass band and male chorus, or play on the company baseball team. With its own electric plant and fire protection, the factory was also self-sufficient. As a result of the stock market crash and the ensuing depression, Cable Piano workers faced lay-offs. The first big lay-off occurred during Thanksgiving 1929. By 1936, few employees remained. Original company is now out of business. Gibson Guitars acquired the Cable name in 2001, when they purchased the Baldwin Co.

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