If you are new to band instruments, we have some great knowledge on what to look out for when buying a cello! If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, please give us a call at (210-224-1010) Downtown or (210-525-1010) Babcock so that we can answer any questions you may have! 

For us to serve you better, please consult your band director on the

preferred instrument so that we can get you the perfect instrument to satisfy everyone! 

First: New, Used, or Rent? We offer all three choices. New is more reliable, sounds great, just costs a little more. Used is perfect for anyone starting out. Rent is also good for those who are not sure what instrument they would like to play. I am pleased to say that we offer all three choices.

Second: Cellos come in various sizes. The correct size that you may need for each student depends on the overall size of the student. Usually by the time students reach 6th or 7th grade, most will require a full size instrument. It is good to invest in a quality instrument over the student's beginning stages.

For Beginners We Recommend:

Cello: Engelhardt School Model E110/111

celloThe Engelhardt School Model Cello features close-grained, fully arched spruce top produces sweet, loud tone. The E110 cello features a curly maple back, hard maple neck, plus genuine rosewood fingerboard and fittings that look gorgeous and last through many hard years of play.

Most popular school instrument, Close-grained, fully arched spruce top, Curly maple back, Hard maple neck, Genuine rosewood fingerboard and fittings, Adjustable endpin



Intermediate (high school-college)

yamaha cello AVc7 SGFully hand-carved, the AVC7's Spruce top, Maple neck, back & sides are seasoned & aged 5+ years. Adjusted by the most skilled technicians, this instrument is capable of beautiful rich tonal colors. Includes Brazilwood bow. Features a Wittner™ Tailpiece with 4 fine tuners. A perfect instrument for advancing players.




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