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Alamo Music Clarinet Rental San Antonio

Our Premium Clarinet Rentals are placed into superb playing condition, serviced to ensure the pads are seated well and excellent condition, keys are aligned and corks are like new.  We also check for air leaks before our horns go out. Our Educator Approved brands include Yamaha, Artley, Buffet & Antigua Winds. We rent both wooden and plastic clarinets depending on the students need. Our most common clarinet rental instruments are the YCL400AD, YCL450NM & Buffet E-11 & CL711.

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Why should you rent from Alamo Music?

  • Trusted name in Texas since 1929
  • Educator Approved Brands
  • Simple and Easy Rental Program
  • No Credit Check Rentals (with major Credit Card on File)
  • 12 Months Full Rental Credit Applied Toward Purchase
  • Substantial Discount on Outright Instrument Purchase
  • Everyone Approved In-House Financing Available

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