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    In the early 1980s, Yamaha changed the course of piano technology by introducing its Clavinova series of digital pianos. These compact, electric models delivered the sound and power of Yamaha's sought-after concert grand pianos yet offered portability and convenient, compact designs that are ideal for practicing at home and traveling to gigs.

    Today, the Clavinova line goes beyond electric piano technology, delivering models that inspire many to play, perform and compose and incorporate the latest digital features for listening and improving upon your craft.

    Whether you're seeking out a quality practice piano or want additional features for recording and songwriting, Yamaha's Clavinova line includes three series:

    CLP Series

    The CLP Series captures everything about Yamaha's acoustic pianos - from responsiveness to resonance - and translates that into digital form. The binaural recording process replicates the sounds and touch of Yamaha's CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grands and pairs this with weighted, graded keys, ensuring these digital pianos feel and react like their acoustic brethren. As well, Smooth Release Technology expands upon the instrument's sonic capabilities, allowing the player to effectively do legato to staccato sounds.

    Indicating Yamaha's forward-looking perspective, Clavinova CLP models integrate with iOS and Android devices, while the Smart Pianist controller app adds additional functionality for voices, recording and settings.

    CSP Series

    Yamaha designed the Clavinova CSP series for players looking to improve their skills, making them ideal for home use, DIY musicians and music school practice rooms.

    Along with the resonance and responsiveness of the CLP Series, the CSP Series is equipped with additional playing features, translating your favorite songs into scores, guiding your fingers with light-up keys and enhancing the harmonies with a backup orchestra, jazz ensemble and singers.

    Opening up entertainment and songwriting possibilities is the Vocal Harmony feature, letting you plug in a microphone to sing along with up to three virtual background vocalists and then adjust the pitch and harmonies.

    CVP Series

    As the Clavinova's flagship series, CVP models are built for composers and songwriters who enjoy entertaining after hours. The CVP Series delivers the resonance and responsiveness of Yamaha's acoustic grand pianos, is equipped with a touchscreen interface, and lets you layer on voices in real time with the Accompaniment Styles and Piano Room features.

    Along with listening, you have the option of recording and saving the music you play with the touch of a button. Because the files are compatible with several audio formats, anyone can listen to what you just recorded once you send.

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