Cordoba C5-CET Thinbody Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

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  • General Description

    • The Cordoba C5CET has a thinner body compared to traditional classical guitars. The woods used for this guitar are Canadian Cedar (solid top) and African Mahogany (back and sides) to give it a loud and warm tone. The top is braced with a 5 fan Torres style bracing system for a warm and resonant sound. This model sports a half cutaway, giving it a more modern look like that of today’s acoustic guitars. It also has a slightly smaller fingerboard width at the nut of 50mm rather than the traditional 52mm.

  • Tone-wood

    • African Mahogany is a strong and durable wood that excellent for a classical guitar build. It has a sweet woody tone in the bass and treble strings and its warm sound plays well with other instruments. The Canadian Cedar used for the face of this guitar melds well with the African Mahogany back and sides. It gives this guitar a warm and rich tone with a good dynamic range, finished with a rosewood fingerboard that gives a wider range in tone quality.

  • Body Shape/Size:

    • Thinbody with a half cutaway

  • Electronics (if applicable):

    • Fishman Electronics

  • Finish:

    • Lacquer Finish

  • Price Point:

    • This is a good guitar for beginners or seasoned veterans alike. The price is affordable for those looking to pick up a well crafted instrument.

  • Style:

    • This guitar is styled after the traditional classical guitar with a modern look to it.