DEMO Bogen GS100 100 Watt Dual EQ Amp Gold Seal Series Amplifier

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The Bogen GS100 Gold Seal Series Amplifier (100W) is a 6-channel rack-mountable power amplifier with a dual-function 10-band EQ, a variable loudness contour, an Audio Enhancement circuit, and telephone paging capabilities. The GS100 accommodates up to six balanced mics, two auxiliary inputs, and a telephone input. It has 4 and 8 Ohm speaker outputs, 25V, 25VCT, and 70V for distributed systems, a booster amp and power amp output, and a recording device feed.

For the microphone inputs the PA has four XLR connections, one screw terminal, and an RCA jack, each with switchable phantom power and low frequency roll off. The GS100 has dedicated volume controls for all inputs, with a global audio enhancement switch with mix control. Also, the aux 1 / mic 6 and aux 2 channels have a contour switch for EQing loudness. The mic 5 / tel and mic 6 / aux 1 inputs are switch-selectable, and the mic/aux/tel precedence function enables external mute control for individual inputs. It also has a line-matching transformer output (available separately), and a telephone paging input feature with automatic level control and voice activation for muting the aux inputs.

Its dual-function 10-band EQ can be used for either feedback control or acoustic shaping. With the GS100, you can insert signal processing units, activate the EQ contour switch for aux 1 & 2, and/or engage the global audio enhancement switch to finesse your overall sound. You can change the master level via a remote volume control (GSRVC; available separately), which is functional for up to 1000'.

The Gold Seal Series 100 is suitable for sound-reinforcement tasks at conferences, panel discussions, presentations, seminars, clubs, and outdoor events.


  • Six microphone inputs
  • Telephone input with automatic level control
  • Auxiliary output for recording
  • 10-band graphic EQ for feedback control or acoustic shaping
  • Loudness contour function
  • Global audio enhancement switch
  • Phantom power for all mic inputs
  • Aux input muting
  • Remote master volume control capability
  • Insert optional signal-processing units
  • Booster amp output
  • Low-frequency roll-off for mic channels
  • Optional rack-mounting kit: GSDRPK
  • Optional security cover: GSTRC

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