Alamo Music's Universal Beginner Band List

No school band list? No problem!

All band students will need an instrument and the appropriate accessories. 

Instruments are organized by families including woodwinds, brass winds and percussion. 

Flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, oboe, cornets, trumpets, trombones, and beginner percussion kits are smaller instruments students are required to buy or rent. 

Larger, more expensive instruments like tenor sax, bassoon, french horn, baritone, euphonium, and tuba are usually provided by school music programs. 

Accessories include cleaning and maintenance items, mouthpieces and reeds, and educational tools like tuners and music stands. 

Alamo Music has served San Antonio school districts for decades, and we understand the brand quality and accessory preferences they require.  The items listed below are approved by Band Directors more than 90% of the time. 


Model:  Yamaha YFL 262 (offset G) or YFL 282 (inline G)

Common Accessories: Music Books,  Marching LyrePolish ClothMetronome/Tuner


Model:  Buffet Crampon E11 or Yamaha YCL 400AD

Mouthpiece:  Vandoren 5RV Lyre

Reeds:  Vandoren Traditional #2.5

Ligature:  Rovner 1R

Common Accessories: Music Books,  Marching LyreMaintenance Kit, Polish Cloth, Pad Saver, Cork GreaseReed CaseStrapMetronome/Tuner


Model:  Yamaha YAS-200ADII

Mouthpiece:  Selmer S-80 C* or Yamaha YAC-1286 4C

Reeds:  Vandoren Traditional #2.5

Ligature:  Rovner 1RL

Common Accessories: Music Books, Marching LyreMaintenance KitPolish ClothPad SaverReed CaseStrapMetronome/Tuner


Model:  YTR 200AD

Mouthpiece:  Bach 5c

Common Accessories: Music Books, Marching LyreMaintenance Kit, Polish Cloth, OilsMetronome/Tuner


Model:  Yamaha YSL 200AD

Mouthpiece:  Bach 6 ½ AL

Common Accessories: Music Books, Marching LyreMaintenance Kit, Polish Cloth, OilsMetronome/Tuner


Model:  Yamaha V3

Strings:  D’Addario Prelude or Pro-Arte

Common Accessories: Music Books, Rosin, Fret Stickers, Upgraded Bow

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