Earthworks PM40 Piano Condensor Microphone System

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The PM40 is Alamo Piano Galleries' personal choice for recording pianos. It is used on our YouTube demos and for in-store recordings. If you are recording a high quality piano, you need a high quality microphone system to convey the rich tone of the instrument, capturing the depth of tone and dynamic range.

The PM40 PianoMic System is a dream come true for live sound and recording applications. It's infinitely flexible with incredible gain before feedback and virtually no bleed. If you've ever struggled miking a piano, this turn-key solution is for you. It sets up in minutes, is totally self-contained, and is completely invisible to the audience. You can even keep the lid closed.

The Earthworks PM40T Piano Microphone System combines two gooseneck condenser mics built for piano with a low-profile telescoping bar.