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    Although digital pianos provide a more compact size compared to an acoustic instrument, there comes a time when a musician needs more portability. Perhaps that has to do with storage inside your apartment, or you're someone regularly expected to bring your keyboard to gigs and band practices. In either scenario, Kawai anticipated your needs with ES Series Digital Pianos, designed to be compact while delivering quality, clear tone through the integrated speakers.

    About Kawai ES Series Digital Pianos

    Among its size, versatility and quality, Kawai's ES Series is preferred among players of all levels, beginner to professional. Instruments may feature:

    • Responsive Hammer action, which has the feel, resistance and movement of an acoustic piano. Instruments feature weighted keys, and newer models add graded hammers for even more authentic responsiveness. More recent models further feature Ivory Touch surfaces for a traditional, textured feel and greater degree of control.
    • A bright, clear tone based on samples from Kawai's award-winning acoustic pianos. This ensures you can deliver the performance you want at a gig without having to make compromises. Harmonic Imaging™ sound technology ensures all articulations and dynamics you play emerge faithfully from the instrument.
    • A 40W speaker system that projects your sound and lets you adjust the volume to the venue.
    • A range of other musical instrument sounds that can add variety to your performances.
    • Bluetooth® connectivity, letting you add extra features through an app or play music through your keyboard.
    • A compact, portable and lightweight design that, with an appropriate case, lets you store each ES Series digital piano out of the way or pack it into your car to take to a gig.

    Models of Kawai ES Electric Pianos

    In the ES Series of digital pianos, models include:

    • Kawai ES110 Digital Piano: The ES110 serves as an introduction to the ES Series and to Kawai portable digital pianos in general. For practice and learning classic repertoire, Kawai has added 88 weighted keys for a more natural feel, plus sampled tones from its concert grand pianos. As well, aspects like a built-in metronome, song recorder and split function assist with learning new music and becoming a stronger player.
    • Kawai ES520 Digital Piano: An upgrade to the ES110, this mid-range portable digital piano enhances the tone with the latest advances in audio processing and amplification, plus adds additional digital features and sounds. The combination suits beginner piano players honing their skills, as well as more advanced and gigging performers wanting something portable, reliable and with greater sonic capabilities.
    • Kawai ES920 Digital Piano: As the latest advancement in Kawai's series of portable digital pianos, the ES920 maintains a compact, lightweight design, making it ideal for practicing at home and performing in smaller venues. Harmonic Imaging XL and Responsive Hammer III technologies create a natural, responsive feel that picks up all articulations and dynamics while delivering the sound of a concert grand.

    Find Kawai ES Series Digital Pianos at Alamo Music Center

    Looking for a compact practice solution, or a conveniently portable yet quality instrument? Get it from the Kawai ES Series of digital pianos. Browse our selection today, and if you'd like to learn more, make an appointment to try out one of our digital pianos in store:

    Kawai Digital Pianos in Texas

    As a Texas-based music store, we've been in the San Antonio area for over 90 years and now have two stores for trying out both acoustic and digital pianos. Additionally, we have a factory-authorized Kawai showroom in Austin, where you can purchase instruments at wholesale prices and compare models.

    Kawai Digital Pianos in St. Louis

    We've been expanding and have recently opened up a factory-authorized Kawai showroom in St. Louis, Missouri. Make an appointment to explore the ES Series, plus other Kawai digital pianos, before you make an official commitment.

    In all locations, take advantage of multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.