Fender Mod Shop Custom American Professional Telecaster - Mystic Aztec Gold

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Mystic Aztec Gold
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4th Gen. Noiseless Single-Coil

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This custom created MOD SHOP Telecaster is based upon with amazing American Professional Telecaster with a few specific upgrades to create a unique guitar that you won't find anywhere else. The Custom Mystic Aztec Gold finish is joined by a gold anodized pickguard. With the all-new 4th generation Noiseless pickups, normally exclusive to the American Elite Series, Fender has achieved the sonic equivalent of cold fusion—authentic vintage-style Fender sound combined with noise-free performance. A quantum leap in pickup technology, these bleeding-edge pickups are the pinnacle of our pickup designs, offering crisp, clear cleans as well as gigantic overdriven tones that are bursting with pure rock power. Upgraded locking tuners make sure every chord and note is in tune and makes string changes a breeze. 


Fender is guided by one clear, simple directive: make life better for musicians. While the original Telecaster certainly did that (and then some), we weren't content to rest on our laurels. Our team of mad scientists examined every component in near-microscopic detail. If we were able to improve it with a new design or modern materials we did; if it didn't need improvement, we left it alone. When the wood chips and solder fumes settled, what was left was the American Professional Telecaster—everything you need to play your best.

  • Two all-new fourth generation Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Gold Anodized Pickguard
  • Locking Tuners
  • New Telecaster bridge with compensated brass barrel saddles for better intonation
  • New modern "Deep C”-shaped neck profile
  • Bone nut; 22 narrow-tall frets for easier bending
  • Treble bleed circuit maintains highs when reducing volume
  • Includes Elite Molded hardshell case