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Since 2010, Alamo Music Center's Rock Camp has offered students a rock band curriculum to introduce or improve upon their music education. Students of all skill levels take five days to practice and perfect a set of ten songs, which are then performed in an actual venue in front of a live audience. This format of music education immerses the student in the world of performance and is a huge confidence booster. Rock Camp was founded by music teacher Pancho Garza, who had several years of experience running a Rock Camp in the northeast before relocating to Texas.

The fee for the winter classes starts at $80 per month (when signing up for a 3 month minimum on auto draft). After the initial 3 month period tuition increases to $100 per month. Half hour private lessons can also be added for an additional $100 per month making it a total of $200. Students beginning after Septermber 13th can be prorated. This program is for kids ages 9-17; no experience necessary! Adult classes are also available beginning on September 13th as well! Classes will be held every Sunday from 2pm-3:30pm for Kids/Teens, and 4pm-6pm for Adults. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to learn how to play music for you or your child, please call 210-224-1010 for more information. We also have information about our instructors, a History of Rock Camp and a Sign Up Sheet available below.


About Our Instructors

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Austin Zettner
Age: 22
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Years of Experience: 14
Top 5 Favorite Albums: "Diary of a Madman" - Ozzy Osbourne,  "Hatebreeder" - Children of Bodom, "Ensiferum" - Ensiferum, "Angels" - 69 Eyes, "Static Age" - The Misfits
Austin is the guitarist of AEternal Requiem and Alamo Rock Camp's music director and instructor since 2012. He discovered guitar and heavy metal at age 9, performing in innovative local metal bands throughout high school and ultimately completing his Associate of Arts degree in Music at San Antonio College. In 2013 he won Sam Ash's Best in Shred Competition and received the opportuinty to open for Steve Vai. Austin's bands have opened for numerous famous metal acts (including Mayhem, Sepultura, and Havok, among others) throughout the years. 


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Ozzy Alejo
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Years of Experience: 15
Top 5 Favorite Albums: “Somewhere in Time” - Iron Maiden, “Master of Puppets” - Metallica, “Seasons in the Abyss” - Slayer, "In God We Trust” - Stryper, “Rocket Ride” - Edguy
Ozzy’s journey began at the early age of 13. He was introduced to heavy metal music through a close family member, then started his first band Force of Genocide in Huntington Park, California. He went on to gain much experience in the Los Angeles music scene. Ozzy received private instruction from Mike Guerrero AKA The Tapping Ninja, former student of Jennifer Batten and “Craig Goldy” Dio. In 2007 Ozzy moved to San Antonio, Texas to find opportunity in a new town and new music scene. In November of 2013, Ozzy Alejo won the Sam Ash Best in Shred Competition and performed a solo before the Steve Vai show at the House of Blues in Houston. Alejo has won the annual Guitar Wars Competition four times. Currently Ozzy plays bass and sings for power trio Æternal Requiem. Ozzy’s spends his spare time expanding his education in areas of music business and recording engineering. 

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Alan Cisneros
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles California
Top 5 Favorite Albums:  "...And Justice For All" - Metallica, "Temple of Shadows" - Angra, "TIME I" - Wintersun, "Breaking The Forth Wall" - Dream Theater, "Alice in Hell" - Annihilator
Alan's musical influence started at a young age. His first experiences playing music was playiing violin at age 9 and piano at the age of 11. It was when he heard Metallica's heavy bass drums in "...And Justice For All" that he knew his calling. Once Alan acquired his first drumset at the age of 13, the complaints of his neighbors started rolling in. After moving to San Antonio with Force of Genocide, he was contacted by Austin and now drums for AEternal Requiem. Alan joined the Alamo Rock School team during the Spring 2015 season and brought much enthusiasm and love of performing music to the table!

Interview with Pancho Garza: The History of Rock Camp

Alamo Music Center: Pancho, can you tell us a little about the history of Rock Camp and your experience with the program?

Pancho: Sure! Rock Camp was started five years ago as a collaboration between me and Zach Marr [manager of AMC]. I had worked up north in the New York area with a performance based music school that used rock music as a platform to teach kids about music. I found it to be very fulfilling and effective in harnessing the excitement of music and performance. Students with little to no experience were able to pick up an instrument and within a week be performing in front of an audience playing some of their favorite songs.

AMC: So students don't have to have experience playing to be in the program?

Pancho: No, not at all. We do have several students that sign up that can play and have been in previous camps. We feel that by mixing students with little to no experience with students that do have experience; everyone reaches a level of competence much faster. The students with experience get better and so do the ones that have never touched an instrument before. There is a sort of positive peer pressure that occurs where students want to have their parts right to support each other.

AMC: How does someone who has never played anything suddenly get up and play a concert in a week?

Pancho: We teach kids to learn the format of a rock song and as long as they can follow the progression of a song with one finger, this is a huge accomplishment. When they can do that, we add another finger, and so on. It's amazing how you see a student's eyes light up when they can hear themselves contributing to the "band". It is a huge confidence builder and it piques their curiosity about learning more and more. That's not to say that we don't have our young virtuousos that can already shred an intense solo. Each student has their own personal goals and we are there to help aid the student in every way. The results are profound. 

AMC: So, what is a typical day at Rock Camp like?

Pancho: Well, a large part of it is bsed around rehearsing for the show that we have coming, b ut we include the history of rock and its prominent figures as well. Everyone from Chuck Berry to Eddie Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. We want the kids to know where and how this music developed and who helped mold it into what it is today. This usually occurs between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., and then we break for lunch. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. it is purely practicing and making loud noise in our rehearsal room, as well as private instruction.

AMC: So you have a rehearsal space?

Pancho: Yes, we have a reharsal space with amps, drums and a full PA system. Everything you need to be a loud rock band. We also have a student lounge with sofas and counter space, where kids can pracice thier songs, socialize and prepare to get into the rehearsal room.

AMC: What is the general student's age range?

Pancho: Generally we have students that range in age from 9-16. These kids join the program not really knowing each other and the bond that develops between them becomes very strong during the course of the week. We have students that started five years ago that today are still the very best of friends and are in bands together. It is a very rewarding part of what we do.

AMC: So you have kids that have been there for five years?

Pancho: Indeed we do. We have students that started when they were twelve and now are going to college as music and composition majors. It is a bit overwhelming to think that our camp was a springboard to them pursuing a lifelong career in musicc. To have that effect in anyone's life is a large reason why this program is so valuable to us.

AMC: What are the instructors at Rock Camp like?

Pancho: They are giggling professional musicians that either havec a music degree or are pursuing a music degree on a college level. They are extremely patient and understand that everyone learns differently. Austin Zettner is our music director and he has a great band [AEternal Requieum] that plays all around the San Antonio area. He is extremely patient and he has a ton of knowledge to instill these students with what it takes to keep a rock band going on a professional level.

AMC: So what is the final performance at the end of the week like?

Pancho: It is a full on rock concert with lights and a full sound system in a professional venue. It is the students' platform to show their family and friends what they worked so hard for the previous week. All of the hard work pays off and the kids get a chance to express themselves and fully embrace the role of a rock star. This is where the kids really learn, hence the performance based curriculum. It is our belief that this is the essence of Rock Camp. During a live performance the kids are put to the test and it is inspiring to witness the change in confidence and skill level over the course of the week.

AMC: Thank you Pancho. If somone has further questions about Rock Camp who can they contact?

Pancho: You are welcome! If anyone has more questions please feel free to call me anytime at Alamo Music Center at 210-224-1010!

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