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    Looking for a gift for the musician or music student in your life? Turn to Alamo Music Center for a selection of fun, practical and on-point options:

    Music Accessories

    Every musician and even advanced students know this to be true: With certain accessories like tuners, cables and strings, it never hurts to have a backup. You never know when you'll run out or an essential will break, and especially for gigs, you can't ever be too prepared.

    In turn, find practical, must-haves for all musicians, regardless of skill level, at Alamo Music Center. Browse portable, foldable music stands, tuners, metronomes, cables, sets of drum sticks and other everyday accessories.

    Books and Sheet Music

    Players of all ages and levels are always interested in trying something new - be it a technique or a song they've never played before. Get the enthusiastic, always-learning musician something they can sink their teeth into with a new book or sheet music, with options available for multiple instruments.


    It's the little things that show you've entered a musician's house. For the professional who lives and breathes music to the enthusiast who's always listening and trying to play something new, our selection of décor fits into their lifestyle, with various magnets and ornaments shaped like instruments across the orchestra and various genres.

    Apparel and Hats

    Musicians who've been playing for some time tend to have preferences about their brands. Among guitar and bass players, you'll encounter those who will only play on a Fender, and those who prefer a Gibson, Ibanez or other model instrument. It's all about the quality, sound and feel, and they'll definitely tell you about it.

    Offering the perfect gift for this crowd, our selection of T-shirts, apparel and hats includes screen-printed designs from these and other musical instruments in styles for men and women.

    Gift Certificates

    Unsure about what to get, but know the recipient will automatically make a beeline for the music store? Surprise them with a gift certificate from Alamo Music Center, where they can buy accessories and other essentials, music, or put the amount toward a new instrument.