GL Series Professional Grand Pianos
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    With Kawai pianos, craftsmanship translates to quality tones and resonant sound. Named the 2016 MMR Dealer's Choice Product of the Year, GL Series Grand Pianos capture these aspects, providing the expansive tone for concert halls and responsive action for practicing.

    About GL Series Grand and Baby Grand Pianos

    Millennium III Action is at the heart of the GL Series, fusing professional tone with components made of durable ABS-Carbon, a carbon-fiber composite. The result offers longer-lasting usage with a lighter feel that allows for faster action, greater control and a stronger sense of stability compared to traditional wood-based piano action.

    This factor translates to an expansive dynamic range, of ringing fortissimos and subtle pianissimos, and the ability to access more nuanced expressiveness in between.

    Composing the Millennium III Action is a series of custom molded, die-cast parts, including:

    • Five aluminum action brackets for strength, stability and unchanged touch over time.
    • Permanently locked hammer and wippen rails with a Dual-Beam design. These retain the piano's tolerances and ensure reliable responsiveness during its lifespan and focus on exact alignment, allowing the hammers to hit the strings at the ideal spot for tone.
    • A full-length Insuliner to absorb vibrations and reduce noise.
    • Secure, finely-threaded machine screws and pre-threaded rails for a more secure design.
    • Longer keys allow for more ergonomic playing and improved responsiveness from the playing surface.
    • ABC-Carbon parts lessen shrinkage and warping over time in comparison to wood.

    GL Series Sound

    Maximizing the sound of GL Series Grand Pianos is the CORE, or Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy, design, which angles the instrument's strength toward the center and allows for stronger power and sustained tones.

    Along with this, solid spruce soundboards translate the strings' vibrations into crisp yet resonant tones. For the GL Series, each piano's soundboard is tapered for the precise amount of resonance and is paired with a solid maple or beech bridge to facilitate this connection. Hammers also utilize maple and wool felt to strike the strings to create these vibrations.

    Shop GL Series Pianos at Alamo Music Center

    Whether for a concert hall, music school or practice area, explore Kawai's GL Series at Alamo Music Center. Start your search online, or experience them in our store. Visit either of our San Antonio locations or one of our dedicated Kawai showrooms.

    Grand & Baby Grand Kawai Pianos in Austin, TX

    Few make a quick decision to purchase a grand or baby grand piano. Perhaps you're exploring the quality of Kawai's instruments, or you prefer them for their sound and feel. Either way, if you're interested in trying out the GL Series, Alamo Music Center manages a factory-authorized Kawai showroom in Austin, offering wholesale pricing. Set up a time to try out new and used instruments.

    Grand & Baby Grand Pianos in St. Louis, MO

    In business for over 90 years, we continually look for expansion opportunities. Our latest venture is a Kawai showroom in St. Louis, offering those in the area the chance to try out a GL Series grand or baby grand piano before you buy. Whether you're upgrading from an upright or are looking for a quality instrument for your music school, reach out to us to schedule a time for an appointment.

    Our St. Louis location further provides wholesale pricing for new and used instruments and guarantees safe, efficient delivery.

    Wherever you decide to make a purchase, take advantage of multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.