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    No one picks up a guitar and just plays and plays. Instead, strings break, or to change the tonality, you might want to switch from your fingers to a pick to a slide. Added to this, if you're going out to do gigs, it's never a good idea to take your guitar along without a case.

    So, whether you're an absolute beginner, an intermediate student maintaining your instrument, or a pro picking up supplies, Alamo Music Center has you covered with a comprehensive selection of guitar accessories.

    Guitar Strings

    Whatever your genre or instrument, we have the strings you need to keep on playing. Find nylon for Spanish and classic guitar, and steel for blues, rock, and country. Browse options for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar from D'Addario, Elixir, Ernie Ball and more brands, as well as strings for banjos and vihuelas.

    Guitar Tuners

    Even when your guitar is strung, how do you know all strings are in tune? Regardless of whether you have perfect pitch, a guitar tuner is an essential part of your musician's arsenal. Whether you're getting used to the instrument or you're double-checking your own ear, pick up one from Alamo Music Center.

    Guitar Picks

    Even though some players prefer their fingers to a pick, it's a good idea to know how to play with both. So, whether you're trying out a guitar pick for the first time or want to stock up, browse a range of materials and brands at Alamo Music Center.

    Guitar Straps

    Although many classical guitarists intentionally avoid them, rock and country player know that a quality guitar strap is everything, especially when you have a lengthy live set ahead of you. Browse a range of materials, designs and styles based on your comfort level.

    Guitar Stands

    Especially in a recording studio environment, not every player wants to be placing their guitar back in the case when switching instruments. A guitar stand becomes necessary if you own or record with more than one guitar, and you want to keep it ready and supported between tracks. Shop metal and wood options for your home or professional studio.

    Guitar Case

    Off to a lesson, jam session or a gig? Pack up your instrument in a guitar case before hitting the road. Whether you play electric, bass or an acoustic, Alamo Music Center has a wide range of sizes and types to conveniently transport and protect your guitar.

    Other Guitar Accessories

    Stock up on supplies for cleaning and polishing your guitar, as well as electric-specific accessories like cables and pickups. Keep your essentials replenished, no matter your instrument or style, with Alamo Music Center's vast selection of guitar accessories and kits.