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    Even the audience member knows this to be true: No one can learn guitar with just an instrument. Instead, players require a pick, a strap to comfortably hold up the guitar, and a case to take it to lessons or gigs. Beyond acoustic models, electric guitars won't make much of a sound if they don't have an amplifier, which further requires a cable.

    Many of us think about picking up the guitar at one point or another, be it to learn on your own via tablature or to start taking lessons. Yet, as a novice soon discovers, you need other essentials to get started. To help you out and lower initial costs, Alamo Music Center offers guitar bundles including combinations of the following:

    Acoustic or Electric Guitar

    For absolute beginners, some of the bundles we offer start with a Taylor acoustic or Fender electric guitar. These instruments deliver quality sound and construction upfront as you learn new techniques or teach yourself new chords.

    Case or Guitar Bag

    Even if you're a beginner, you'll still be expected to bring your instrument to your lesson. A soft case or guitar bag makes transport simple and convenient and further offers space for your technique books.


    Some players may tell you a strap isn't fully essential. We disagree, especially for beginners working on positioning and seeking a degree of comfort as they explore their guitar.


    Although some players eventually prefer strumming or finger plucking, many get started with a pick. Bundles include at least one pick and may further have a pick case to keep this essential secure for practices and jam sessions.

    Other Essentials

    Especially as you play for a few months, you'll find you need other basics to continue refining your technique and get comfortable playing your guitar. For these reasons, our guitar bundles may include a stand for supporting your instrument out of its case, a clip-on tuner for intonation or a care kit for general maintenance.

    Get Started with Guitar Bundles from Alamo Music Center

    Instead of purchasing each item separately, get what you need to start learning the guitar with our bundle combinations. Browse today for sets with and without a guitar, consider signing up for trial lessons, and take advantage of our multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.