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Guitars and Basses are special, and so are the people who play them. Guitarist and Bassists can be some of the pickiest musicians out there. We understand, many of our employees are guitarists and bassists themselves. We stock both acoustic guitars and electric guitars, as well as hollow body guitars, solid body guitars, classical guitars and bajo-sexto guitars—the full range. We also have a great selection of ukuleles. We are one of the top certified Taylor guitar dealers in San Antonio and we also stock Fender guitars, Ibanez guitars, Alvarez guitars, Yamaha guitars, and Cordoba guitars. Everything you can imagine for a quaility guitar selection. If you're having trouble choosing a guitar or bass guitar, let one of our sales representatives match you with your perfect guitar by filling out this form!


 Entry Level to Advanced: Acoustic and Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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Entry Level to Advanced: Electric Guitars

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Bass Guitars: Starter Kits to Advanced

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