Hohner BR72B Bravo 72 Black Accordion

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With the Hohner Bravo Accordion series, Hohner has set a new standard for both the beginner and student markets. These rugged and musically versatile instruments offer performance features which until now were exclusive to more expensive instruments. A good example is the use of the T-keyboard, enabling both outstanding playability and ease of service. Partnering with accordion teachers and students alike, led the Bravo development team to build the instruments light as possible. 


  • Color: black 
  • Reed plate quality: standard
  • Nnumber of notes: 34 
  • Class: chromatic 
  • Piano keys: 34 
  • Lowest note: G 
  • Highest note: E 
  • Voices: 3 
  • Tone colors: 5 
  • Number of registers: 5 
  • Standard basses: 72 
  • Standard bass voices: 4 
  • Standard bass registers: 2 
  • Size: 12" x 15.5"