Why Rent from Alamo Music Center?

Not all instrument rental programs are equal.

  • Alamo Music Center offers a straightforward rental program, complete with no credit checks and select budget instruments.
  • We provide you with maintenance and theft protection coverage, ensuring you can get your child's band or orchestra instrument serviced.
  • We offer educator-approved brands known for their quality and ease of playability.
  • We provide a discount when you decide to purchase, with 12 months of rental fees applied toward your first owned instrument.

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Why Rent a Musical Instrument?

Whether you or your child are thinking about picking up a musical instrument, you have one major choice to think about - do you buy or do you rent? Renting's often preferred for the following reasons:

  • Renting lets you try out an instrument to see if you like it, rather than make the financial investment upfront. This approach further lets you explore different instruments to see what suits you.
  • Rental agreements factor in repairs, letting you get your instrument fixed without any additional costs.
  • Children grow and, in turn, often require a larger instrument, until they reach a full size. Renting lets you trade a smaller instrument in for a larger one better suited to their height and arm length. If they're still interested in playing once they reach a full size, you may then want to purchase a more permanent instrument.
  • Renting ends up costing less than purchasing, especially if you only plan to try out an instrument for a few months at a time to a year. This can often be the case if your child signs up for orchestra at school and loses interest by the summer.
  • Rental programs like the one at Alamo Music Center provide instruments from a range of trusted brands and offer guidance in terms of quality and features for your or your child's skill level.

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