Alamo Music Center offers a multitude of quality repair and maintenance services, including on guitars, basses, orchestral instruments, brass, woodwind, and even pianos!

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Tips for Getting Your Musical Instrument Repaired

Are you experiencing challenges when attempting to play your instrument? Does the sound seem off? It may be time to have it assessed for repairs. As you go about this process:

  1. Establish a regular relationship with a repair technician - someone who specialized in your instrument's family and has a history of your own instrument's work and upgrades. Going to a different technician each time means you're dealing with a new set of eyes and new perspective, and a record of all repairs likely won't be available.
  2. Realize that timelines for repairs can vary. A cleaning will take far shorter than if parts are being replaced. On this note, realize that the shop may not have every replacement part available and will need to order specialized components in this case. Considering these factors, certain repairs can be done that same day, while others may take weeks. For longer jobs, consider asking the music store or your teacher for a loaner instrument to continue practicing and making progress.
  3. Tell your technician everything that's wrong with the instrument. This should extend from larger damage to smaller concerns, as all may be behind your instrument's sound and playability issues. The technician will keep these points in mind as they assess your instrument.
  4. Don't be afraid to discuss the estimate. After the assessment, you'll receive an estimate for all work that needs to be done. However, realize that as the job unfolds, the technician may find more repairs need to be addressed and may update the initial amount.
  5. Reduce future repairs through preventative care. Whether you play a stringed or brass instrument or have multiple synthesizers at home, address worn-out parts and buildup on a regular basis, rather than deal with an emergency later. Consider scheduling in yearly repairs or professional cleaning for this purpose.

Stringed Instrument Repair 

  • Fender and Taylor Service Center
  • Restrings 
  • Guitar and bass setups
  • Guitar and bass hardware replacement
  • Nut and saddle replacement
  • Electronics repair or replacement
  • Pickup installation
  • Orchestral setups
  • Orchestral bridge, nut, peg and soundpost services

Brass Instrument Repair

  • Dent removal
  • Chemical flush
  • Valve repair
  • Rotor restring and repair
  • Slide repair
  • Soldering
  • Parts replacement

Woodwind Instrument Repair

  • Re-padding
  • Key alignment and regulation
  • Tenon and key cork replacement
  • Spring replacement

Piano Repair and Service

  • Piano tuning
  • Piano regulation
  • Piano repair
  • Piano Restoration

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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) NOTICE:

Alamo Music Center takes the safety and well-being of our employees and customers very seriously. In response to the novel coronavirus, many of employees will be working remotely, and we are moving as many meetings as possible to virtual platforms.

In order to open our service department while still protecting our staff and customers, we have implemented self registration of service ticket for dropoffs as well as quarantine and pre-sanitation periods for instruments prior to service. We appreciate your patience as these safety procedures will add several days to most repairs.

Once submitted, an Alamo Music Center representative will contact you to confirm a dropoff time to receive your repair.

We are currently only accepting repairs at our downtown location (425 N Main Ave)