Jordan Pena


10 Things About Jordan...

1. Where did you grow up?  
San Antonio Tejas
2. What got you into music?
Early in life I was inspired by the hum of my Grammy putting me to sleep with her sweet lullaby's and my head so near to her hearts beat. Also my mother and her love for the Beatles and The Doors grabbed a hold of my own Rubber Soul. My grandfather played a classical guitar and I loved to watch him create and sing. He is the Music that runs through my veins and attached himself to my soul. 
3. What is your favorite instrument and why?
My favorite instrument is my voice. It has all the notes and it gives a word of reason. I also love the guitar. You can literally play a whole song on two to three chords. I'm a simple kinda hue-man!  
4. What is the best advice you’ve ever received regarding the music business?
Best advice about life in general I can give is to Create yourself through your own life experiences and ability to see the world. No matter if there is doubt in the eyes of the bystander, their eyes won't be the ones to bring you down or ruin your interests. Keep going, stay focused and most of all HAVE FUN WHILE PLAYING MUSIC!  
5. What’s currently on your favorite music playlist?
I wake up almost every morning to the calling of the Soft Parade or Morrison Hotel. I like to add A Perfect Circle to my day and maybe end with some Nina Simone! I like what makes me feel the day!
6. Who are some of your current favorite artists out right now?
Animal Spirit (Fort Worth), Migrant Kids (ATX), The Growlers (Cali)
7.What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
Kashi (Original)
8. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
Rocko's Modern Life, Pinky and the Brain, Doug, Ahhhhhhh Real Monsters, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy! hehehhee  
9. What is your hidden talent that nobody would believe you have?
I am one amazing cook that can look in your pantry and create something out of nothing! Been making and creating since I was 9 years old.
10. Who is your favorite local San Antonio artist or band?
My list is endless! Yours should be too! Contact me for event info and coordinating for you to know what your city is really about!!
Acoustic Artists: Jeremiah Bredvad, Andrew Reynosa, Christina Quick, Orlando Gonzalez, 
Live Music in general: Mr Composition, Vegan Street Tacos, Chisme, Voodoo Boogaloo, Chris Conde, Alyson Alonzo, Dirty Genez (my band), Onyx Humms, War on Sunday, Fisherman, Lonely Horse.....

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