Alamo Music Center is proud to announce the Kawai Piano Showroom in Leawood, Kansas!


Alamo Music Center continues to expand. In business for over 90 years in the San Antonio, Texas area, we recently opened a factory-authorized Kawai showroom in Kansas City. Here, you'll have the opportunity to try new and used pianos, from grands and baby grands to uprights to digital and hybrid models. We provide wholesale pricing on all models, and ensure your instrument is safely and efficiently delivered to your location.

Explore All Types of Kawai Pianos

Since the 1920s, Kawai has been a pioneer in the field of piano making. After starting a career in piano research and development, Koichi Kawai set out to create his own company, and by 1928, he introduced a grand piano to the Japanese market. Today, Kawai pianos have developed a reputation for their craftsmanship and sound, as well as technological advances.

Among the areas where Kawai has excelled, the company designed a lighter acoustic piano, using ABS composite parts and aluminum action rails. Then, from the 1980s into the present, Kawai created a line of digital pianos developed in conjunction with its acoustic models for sound quality and capabilities.

In our Kansas City showroom, you'll have a chance to try out:

  • Kawai grand pianos: The brand started here, and continues to be a favorite among professionals and students alike for a responsive, resonant instrument. Hear the tones of the top-tier Shigeru Kawai line, and explore sizes from baby through concert grand with the GL, GX Blak and EX series of pianos.
  • Kawai upright pianos: Designed to take up less space, uprights make a reliable practice piano for growing your skills. As such, they're essential for serious students and professionals in their homes, as well as for music schools. Get to know Kawai's K Series and Continental Upright series.
  • Kawai digital and hybrid pianos: Kawai has helped advance what a digital piano is capable of, combining a natural-feeling action that allows dynamics and articulations to authentically emerge. Building off this, Kawai hybrid pianos start with traditional construction and combine sampling technology for the best of both worlds.

If you're located in the Kansas City area and seeking out a Kawai acoustic or digital piano, make an appointment with our showroom today to learn more about these impressive instruments.

We are always adding new stock of Grand Pianos, Uprights, Hybrid Pianos, and Digital Pianos. There is always an incredible selection of features and finishes at prices that can't be beat for new and pre-owned instruments.