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Kawai Digital Pianos

Producing a great digital pianos takes the proven ability to build truly outstanding acoustic pianos. The designer of a quality digital instrument must first understand the complexities of the “real thing.” During the past 30 years, Kawai digital piano designers have worked together with their acoustic piano counterparts to create an extraordinary range of digital instruments that is so impressive in quality and character that it makes an legendary acoustic piano maker proud. It is this perfect synergy of complementary skills that has made Kawai digital pianos some of the most award-winning instruments in the music products industry. 


Kawai CA Series



Since 1998, Kawai digital pianos have earned over 35 prestigious international awards for excellence. This places Kawai digital pianos among the most award-winning instruments in the global music products industry. The Kawai digital line that has attracted the most honors over the past 20 years (14 international awards in all) is the CA “Concert Artist” Series. Since its inception, the CA Series has regularly pushed past all perceived boundaries. CA models were the first to introduce a revolutionary Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology to the world; the first to incorporate real wooden keys and authentic key movement into a digital piano action; the first to offer a color touchscreen for panel control; the first to use a real spruce soundboard to create natural, immersive tone in a digital piano — and the list goes on. The CA Series continues to receive international recognition because it has been the technological flagship for an entire industry. The Kawai CA Series digital pianos exist for one main reason — to provide a deeply fulfilling musical experience that will satisfy your soul. Shop Kawai CA Series Digital Pianos 


Kawai CN Series Digital Pianos


Authentic touch, beautiful sound, inspiring features and renowned quality propel the Kawai CN Series as the new standard in digital piano value and performance. Named “Digital Home Keyboard Line of the Year” by MMR Magazine in 2014 and 2017, they also received the prestigious “Product Excellence Award” from Music Inc. magazine in 2014. Shop Kawai CN Series Digital Pianos




Kawai MP Series Digital Pianos 

Chosen three times as "Industry Best" winner!


Over time, the world tends to  recognizes true excellence. It started when the Kawai MP Series Digital Pianos was named “Pro Digital Keyboard Line of the Year” by MMR Magazine back in 2014. That marked the first time Kawai professional stage pianos had reached that pinnacle of the industry. It happened once again in 2018, proving that the recognition received in 2014 was no accident. But then came 2019, the year when the MP Series was voted “Pro Digital Keyboard Line of the Year” for the third time. This says something special about the MP Series; something transcendent.

Consider this — when a person or entity is described with such phrases as “three-time world champion” or “three-time Oscar winner,” the world extends to the recipient an extraordinary level of respect and honor. Now, having received the “Pro Digital Keyboard Line of the Year” award for the third time, the MP Series has entered the rarified space occupied by only a small handful of product lines in the music products industry. If you’re looking for a professional stage piano, check out the line that music retailers rave about most — Shop Kawai MP Seried Digital Pianos


Kawai CS Series Digital Pianos



There is a certain dignified elegance that a piano can bring into a room. Kawai knew that when designing the CS Series. The main priority was always to build great musical instruments. But, having achieved that with the multi-award-winning CA Series digital pianos, the goal was set to take a step beyond… to make not only a musical statement but also a beautiful design statement with the CS Series. The mission was to create top-quality digital instruments that would be known not only for their musical excellence, but for their classic beauty as well. The Kawai CS Series fully accomplishes and embodies that mission. One look will show you both exceptional capability and stylish cultural elegance to any home or studio. Shop Kawai CS Digital Pianos


Kawai ES Series Digital Pianos



There are many reasons why a player might  need a portable instrument that sounds great. Some experienced players need a traveling stage piano with built-in speakers that can also serve as a practice instrument on the road. Other players need a piano that can be easily moved from room to room at home to avoid disturbing others. Still others may have temporary living situations and need a piano that can go with them when they make a move. The ES Series Portable Digital Pianos have earned an award-winning reputation as some of the most popular portable instruments in the industry. The ES8 full-featured digital piano will satisfy any player from the enthusiast to the professional. The Responsive Hammer III Action provides the natural “feel” of an acoustic grand piano with its springless design, authentic movement and premium “Ivory Touch” key surfaces. The ES110 is known for its “Responsive Hammer Compact Action” that delivers exceptional touch in a lightweight and highly affordable design. Both ES models offer the same outstanding tone quality that has placed Kawai digital pianos among the most acclaimed digital pianos in the world. If you need power and portability, one of the ES Series instruments is sure to meet your needs. Shop Kawai ES Portable Digital Pianos


Kawai CE-KDP-KCP-CL Series Digital Pianos



While from a manufacturer’s point of view, it would be easier to bring a small selection of high-end digital pianos to the marketplace. But Kawai understands that musicians come in “all shapes and sizes” with a broad range of musical levels and needs. That’s why we have a complete line of digital instruments that is comprehensive enough to include at least one model that can satisfy the needs of every kind of player — an instrument that meets you right where you are in your musical journey. So, while Kawai is known worldwide for building pianos that meet the most demanding needs of professional players, they happily offer instruments that pass the “affordability test” without a compromise in quality. For every skill level and budget, we’ve got you covered. Shop Kawai CE-KDP-KCP-CL Series Digital Pianos


Kawai KLCS Music Lab System

kawai-music-lab-learn-more.pngThe Kawai KLCS is a state-of-the-art communication system perfect for group lessons taught on digital pianos and other electronic musical instruments. The KLCS is a scalable system accommodating from 8 to 48 students, plus the teacher's workstation. Shop for Kawai KLCS Music Lab System



An acoustic grand piano's action is composed of black and white keys, graded hammers, and many other components working in together when each note is pressed. This beautifully-designed mechanism allows pianists to express an array of feeling and emotion in their music as they create and respond to the subtle tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard. Translating the piano action’s intricate movements to a digital instrument, while retaining these acoustic-like subtleties is a stunning achievement – one which has drawn upon over 90 years of experience in crafting the world’s finest pianos.

Kawai Digital Piano Playing


Wooden-key actions, Harmonic Imaging sound technology, USB and Bluetooth® digital audio, digital piano weighted keys, and Soundboard Speaker Systems are just a few of the innovations found in our digital pianos.

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