Kawai Grand Pianos


Kawai Grand Pianos

Kawai grand pianos are among the finest musical instruments in the world. From a world-renowned 9-foot concert grand to an equally inspiring and award-winning 5’0″ baby grand, Kawai pianos are recognized around the globe for a matchless combination of performance and value. The full range of Kawai grand pianos stands alone in its ability to provide the right instrument for any player across every level of ability. Whether you’re a performing artist or an aspiring hobbyist, there is a Kawai grand piano ready to meet you exactly where you are in your musical journey. Crafted not only to create aesthetic beauty to behold, Kawai grand pianos are designed to provide the ultimate in long-term precision and nuance through the use of leading-edge carbon fiber composite materials. It is the uncommon ability to merge time-tested traditional methods with modern technology that makes Kawai different from all others in the piano world — and a key reason why Kawai is counted among the most award-winning companies in the music products industry



Performance Series Grand Pianos

screen-shot-2020-04-15-at-6.26.00-pm.pngSometimes the discerning pianist needs more from a piano. They need more dynamic range, more assertiveness, more sensitivity, more control… more of everything that makes expressing the full range of human emotions possible in musical terms. Kawai created the GX BLAK Performance Series Grand Pianos to provide more to the artist. And, accordingly, there is more invested — more time in the design process, more costly materials, more effort and attention in every stage of the crafting process. It takes a great deal more to produce a GX BLAK Series piano. But the results speak for themselves… and for the player. The GX BLAK Series pianos provide everything an artist needs to achieve and express at the highest level. Shop GK BLAK Series Grand Pianos


Kawai GL Series Grand Pianos


The GL Series was selected “Number 1” over every other music product line on the planet. And that should speak volumes to every piano buyer. It proves that the GL Series Grand Pianos are truly exceptional, with a rare combination of tone, touch and stability that rises far above all other instruments in its price range. See and hear the GL Series pianos for yourself. An entire industry of voters can’t be wrong. It’s an extraordinary occurrence when a piano line is voted “the best in an entire industry.” After all, the music products industry is composed of much more than just keyboard instruments. It is an enormous product category that has been dominated for past 30 years by guitars and software-based gear, not to mention band instruments, string instruments, drums, basses, amplifiers, DJ equipment and so much more. That’s why the worldwide musical world took notice when the Kawai GL Series line of grand pianos was voted Dealer’s Choice “2016 Product of the Year” for the entire industry. Think about that for a moment. Shop Kawai GL Series Grand Pianos


 Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano


The Kawai EX Concert Grand is one of the world’s finest pianos and it has performed on concert stage for decades as a preferred choice of pianists at international piano competitions worldwide. Possessing the formidable power to “sing” above the orchestra, it can also whisper delicately with ease through the softest pianissimo passage. But beyond its superb technical prowess, the most valued attribute of the EX Concert Grand Piano is its uncanny ability to create wondrous “art” at the hands of the artist. The scarcity of materials used and the painstaking attention to detail devoted to each EX Concert Piano make these instruments rare and fewer than twenty are crafted each year for all the world. 


Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano

screen-shot-2020-04-15-at-6.56.30-pm.pngThere are times and places where you need something special, something truly unique to set apart an occasion or a rarefied space. It could be an exclusive home with a matchless view, a one-of-a-kind concert, or a luxury venue on a cruise ship. Whatever the uncommon need, the distinctive Kawai CR-40 Crystal Grand Piano could be that missing piece. With only three instruments produced each year for the entire world, the CR-40 is a rare gem created to occupy life’s rare moments and spaces.