Kawai RX1 Grand Piano

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The RX-1 Classic Grand is considered a Kawai Legacy Instrument, the entry-level model of the award-winning RX Series Grand Pianos that were first introduced in 1995. Collectively, they were chosen "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year" by MMR Magazine's Dealers' Choice Awards in 2003, 2004 and 2005. After a successful 18-year tenure, the RX Series was replaced by the much-anticipated GX BLAK Series in 2013.




The RX Series line of grand pianos were known for their outstanding touch and tone. They featured the Kawai Ultra-Responsive Action with ABS Styran, a technology that was far superior to the conventional all-wooden actions found on most other pianos. But Kawai technology continued to evolve. The RX Series was eventually replaced by the GX BLAK Series line of grand pianos featuring the revolutionary Millennium III Grand Action with ABS-Carbon Composite parts. ABS-Carbon parts (with carbon fiber) are stronger and lighter to provide a faster keystroke and greater consistency of touch than ever before. SPECIAL FEATURES

  • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
  • Exclusive Carbon Jack
  • Exclusive NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
  • Mahogany Hammer Mouldings
  • CORE™ System for superior tone
  • Exclusive “Hard Finish” Music Rack
  • Steel Reinforced Keyslip
  • Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System
Size Length 5'5" (164 cm)
Width 59" (150 cm)
Height 40" (102 cm)
Weight 628 lbs. (285 kg)
Touch White Key Surfaces NEOTEX™
Black Key Surfaces NEOTEX™
Key Material Spruce
Action Millennium III with ABS-Carbon
Hammers All Underfelted
Sound Scale Full Duplex
Exterior Design Pedals Sostenuto
Casters Solid Brass
Lid Props 3
Fallboard Soft Fall
Music Rack   Hard Finish
Finishes   Polished Ebony, Ebony Satin, Walnut Polish, Walnut Satin, 
Sapeli Mahogany Polish, Snow White Polish
Other Features   CORE System
V-Pro Plate



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