Kawai Upright Pianos


Kawai Upright Pianos

Providing both exceptional musicality and leading-edge technology for the player, Kawai upright pianos have attracted much attention. They have won awards not only for their exceptional tone and unrivaled touch, but also for the way their use of modern technology (including carbon fiber) produces long-lasting consistency of sound and tactile feel that has been unmatched in the piano industry and deeply valued by serious pianists for generations. May you enjoy exploring the impressive range of Kawai upright pianos. And may your search lead you to a Kawai instrument that speaks eloquently to your musical soul.


Kawai K Series Upright Pianos

kawai-k-series-upright-pianos-for-sale.pngThe  Kawai K Series Professional Upright Pianos are among the best pianos in the world. K Series pianos provide a truly exceptional combination of ideal touch, outstanding tone and unrivaled stability that will impress any discerning player or performer. Most piano brands will make bold claims about stellar touch and tone, but the key attribute that makes Kawai pianos better is “stability.” Kawai pioneered the use of modern composite carbon fiber parts that are virtually impervious to the shrinking, swelling and warpage issues that cause piano performance to decline over time. The renowned Kawai Millennium III Upright Action with composite parts is the chief reason why K Series Professional Uprights will maintain exceptional tone and touch over time. Shop for Kawai K Series Upright Pianos 


Kawai Anytime Pianos

screen-shot-2020-04-15-at-2.06.59-pm.pngThe piano that you can play any time.  For decades, piano owners have lived with a perplexing problem. Someone in the family needed to play or practice during specific hours — but those hours conflicted with the schedules of others who needed to study, sleep or simply have a quiet environment. Or sometimes, the sound of the piano was troublesome to the neighbors next door or residents in adjoining apartments. Those piano owners had long dreamed of an instrument that could offer the satisfying touch of a high-quality acoustic piano with sound that can be heard only by the player. That solution has finally arrived! Kawai AnyTime Pianos are fully acoustic instruments equipped with digital capability that allows them to also be played at any time of the day or night without disturbing others. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the Kawai AnyTime Pianos are the perfect solution for for those who need the freedom to play or practice on a performance-quality instrument whenever they want Shop for Kawai Anytime Pianos


Kawai Designer Series Pianos


Add beauty to your homeWith an extraordinary synergy of tone, touch and elegance, the Kawai Designer Console Pianos are sure to please every member of the family. As musical instruments, they are sure to live up to Kawai’s reputation as one of the world’s finest makers of upright pianos. Each model is equipped with an internal action featuring composite carbon fiber action parts for exceptional stability of touch and tone. But the distinctive feature of Kawai Designer Pianos is their attractive design which adds style and sophistication to any home environment. The distinctive feature of Kawai Designer Pianos is their attractiveness which adds style and sophistication to any home environment. With elegant lines and delicate visual appointments, they are certain to provide a pleasing cultural ambiance to the home. Shop for Kawai Designer Series Pianos


Kawai Institutional Series Pianos


These pianos are built to last. When people choose a piano for the home, the key points are touch, tone and stability. They want a piano that sounds good, plays well and can maintain both of these qualities consistently over time. In the institutional world, however, the parameters shift. Tone and touch still matter, of course. But when a piano will be played 8-12 hours per day by students, the attributes of stability and durability matter most. Kawai institutional upright pianos feature the same excellent tone and touch that piano buyers have come to expect from Kawai instruments for over 90 years. But the utilization of state-of-the-art composite parts in the action and the intelligent structural design of the cabinet set Kawai institutional pianos in a class of their own. Shop for Kawai Institutional Series Pianos


Kawai Continental Series Pianos


Kawai's most affordable piano.  The K-15 upright piano has everything a developing pianist needs to learn and grow as a musician. The Ultra-Responsive Action with exclusive composite parts will provide the level of consistency and quality that pianist have come to expect from Kawai instruments. The Kawai K-15 will provide a great start on the road toward musical success and enjoyment. Shop for Kawai Continental Series Pianos