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    You've thought about picking up the piano, learning the basics of playing first to see if you're any good. You're planning to teach yourself key skills and songs, or sign up for lessons to understand the technique.

    However, getting started on a new instrument is more complicated than expected, and particularly with pianos, you have to think about shouldering the costs of an acoustic upfront or getting accustomed to the motions and notes with a digital version. Then, there's the rest of the gear. This can entail a bench and a stand for proper positioning - as many find, playing a digital piano or keyboard right from a table is awkward and uncomfortable. For greater capabilities, you might also need headphones, cables or a pedal, depending upon what you plan to do and how much you learn.

    Rather than get bogged down in research and pay for each component individually, Alamo Music Center helps you get your interest in learning piano off the ground with our convenient keyboard bundles. Each may include a combination of the following:

    A Piano or Keyboard

    Each keyboard bundle starts off with a Yamaha or Casio model featuring 76 or 88 keys. Keyboards, in this case, offer additional sonic and recording possibilities on top of their piano functionality.

    Adjustable Keyboard Stand

    Anyone using a keyboard or portable digital piano is recommended to get an adjustable stand. This helps with finding the right height for playing and places less stress on your hands, wrists and back. As well, if you sit to practice and stand to play live, the adjustable design lets you change the height.


    Also on the subject of practicing, many soon discover that it's uncomfortable to play piano while sitting on an ordinary chair. Instead, a bench helps you get the proper position.

    Additional Features

    Depending upon your objectives, our keyboard bundles include a few accessories. Practice silently with pro-quality headphones allowing you to listen to all dynamics, or for a louder sound, use the adapter cable to plug the instrument into a speaker. If, as you advance, you find yourself learning pedal technique on an upright during your lessons, a plug-in pedal helps you work on your skills and get the sound you want with your digital piano.

    Get Started with Keyboard Bundles from Alamo Music Center

    Get off the ground fully prepared to learn piano with a keyboard bundle from Alamo Music Center. Browse our options today, consider signing up for trial lessons, and take advantage of our multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.