Kingsbury Black Baby Grand Piano

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USED Kingsbury Black Baby Grand Piano Built between 1920 and 1928 by one of the most progressive piano manufacturing companies of its time, this Kingsbury Baby Grand Piano was and continues to be one of the most durable, affordable, and responsible pianos ever made. Kingsbury believed to truly make a piano of the highest caliber they had to inspect and build every aspect of their instruments down to the raw materials. With the utmost attention to detail of the construction - actions, sounding boards, keyboards - there's no wonder this piano still holds the best musical and dependable qualities every musician dreams of.  


This instrument has been thoroughly inspected by our service department and maintained to ensure it is sold in optimal playing condition. It includes a 90 day full service warranty with purchase and will be tuned before delivery. Additional service plans are available at the time of purchase.

Complete package qualifies for financing and includes a matching bench.  Delivery and/or service fees vary and are based off of location and logistics. For more information on delivery and service fees, please contact Alamo Music Center for a quote. Delivery and service promotions applicable at times.  Extended warranty plans are also available. Please note that the online shipping calculator is not applicable.