Knilling 110VN14 1/4 size Student Model Violin Outfit USED

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Exceptional value and superior performance. Our most popular European student model, the Knilling Bucharest is crafted to reflect the essential qualities - ease of tuning, practical playability, tone quality and structural integrity - that offer the opportunity for the student or player to earn and own the pleasure and satisfaction of making music. Properly seasoned, even grain European spruce top, and lightly flamed maple back are fully carved and graduated for superior tone, with matching maple ribs, neck and scroll. Genuine inlaid purfling around the top and back protects the plates, and the solid ebony nut, pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, saddle, and endpin, ensure durability. 


  • Well-aged, even grain, Bavarian spruce top; seasoned, figured, European maple back
  • Solid carved throughout and graduated; inlaid purfling
  • All ebony trim, including fingerboard, nut, pegs, tailpiece and saddle; ebonite Dresden chinrest; shop adjusted in USA; German maple bridge; four Buschman string adjusters; D'Addario Prelude steelcore strings
  • Shaped thermoplastic case with aluminum valance; valance mounted hardware, fully plush lined; two bow holsters, covered accessory compartment
  • Glasser fiberglass bow with fully-lined ebonite frog; genuine white horsehair