Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome Red

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Visual Beat Counting Metronome in Red
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Underneath the dashing new color schemes and the intelligent beat counting display, the MA-1 enjoys the same accuracy, reliability, and ease of use that Korg metronomes are known for. As a click track, metronome, or training aide, the MA-1 is a must for every musician, from student to professional.
Product Block Copy
Say hello to an old friend with a new look: The Korg MA-1 Metronome. Accurate, reliable and easy to use, the MA-1 picks up where Korg's ever popular MA-30 left off. The new beat counting display is informative and intuitive. The tempo can be set in pendulum steps, whole steps, or via Tap Tempo to accommodate the student and professional. An excellent practice aid, the MA-1 offers nine beats and eight patterns, including complex tuplets. The headphone output provides privacy. The MA-1 doubles as a tuning aid, creating a full octave of reference pitches for any instrument. Black panel/Red body
Product Bullets
  • Innovative "Beat Counting" display clearly shows: Number of Beats / Current Beat / Beats Remaining
  • Tempo (30 to 252 BPM) can be set three ways: Full Steps / Pendulum Steps / Tap Tempo button
  • 9 Beats and 8 Patterns offer rhythmic diversity; Full octave (C4-B4) of reference tuning pitches
  • Headphone jack with adjustable volume; Fold-out leg for easy viewing
  • Memory backup saves your settings; Auto power-off preserves battery life