Korg SY1M Synchronized In-Ear Metronome

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    SY-1M - SyncMetronome
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    The SyncMetronome is a unique style of metronome that you use by wearing it directly in your ear. Since the speaker unit fits directly in your ear, it's useful not only for personal practice with any instrument, but also when you want to hear an accurate rhythm without being drowned out by the sounds of your surroundings, such as if you are practicing while surrounded by high-volume instruments.
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    The SyncMetronome is an ultra-miniature metronome that fits easily in your ear. It lets you hear the metronome sound directly in your ear without being drowned out by surrounding noises. It can also synchronize the tempo via infrared, providing the ideal way for multiple people in a brass band or marching band to share the same tempo during practice.Tempo synchronization is easy; just click two SyncMetronome units together and press the sync button. There's no limit to the number of units that can be synchronized. With a variety of beats and rhythms, it's compact yet also provides a full complement of basic metronome functionality. Change the tempo easily with the jog switch while a unique fitting mechanism keeps the unit securely in your ear. The SyncMetronome provides approximately 100 hours of continuous operation using a coin-type lithium battery and also includes a well-cushioned ear pad and a carrying case.
    Product Bullets
    • Practice your instrument while listening to the rhythm directly in your ear
    • Infrared tempo synchronization, ideal for multi-person practice sessions
    • Tempo ranges from 30-252 beats per minute
    • A wide variety of unique tempo, beat & rhythm settings
    • Comfortably and securely fits a variety of ear shapes
    s a variety of ear shapes