Marimba One M1 3.0 Octave Vibraphone Model 9002

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The 3 octave One Vibe™ is the result of our quest for that famous '70s sound - a resonant and warm, full projection vibraphone that is also easy to transport, assemble, and height adjustable. And coming soon - the NEW Marimba One Wave frame option, our legendary One Vibe sound can be transitioned to the front ensemble.

#9002 3.0 Octave Vibraphone
Gold keyboard, with motor

A=440, A=442 or A=443 tuning
Lightweight and easy to transport
Patented magnetic drive system (no belts or cables)
Fans always stop in open position
Gas-spring Izzy height adjustment system with built-in tape measure
Precision-adjustable damper bar
Adjustable non-stretch strap
Fully adjustable swivel foot pedal
Durable black powder coated resonators
4" locking wheels on all 4 wheels

Marimba One instruments ship directly to the customer from the manufacturer.