Mackie FREEPLAY 300W All-in-one PA System

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  • Ultimate All-In-One Stereo PA Solution. Full-range stereo system with high-output 8" woofer for unmatched bass response. Built in 4 Channel digital mixer
  • Portable, Battery-Powerable design
  • Bluetooth Streaming Music from Mobile Device
  • Use with the Mackie Free Play Connect App
  • Can connect Vocal Mics, Guitars, and more

FreePlay - Be you. Be heard.

Whether you are performing in a coffee shop, making a speech in front of an assembly, or just relaxing at the beach, FreePlay is the ultimate all-in-one stereo PA. Listen to your favorite tunes via Bluetooth or rock out with a guitar and microphone anywhere with the optional lithium-ion battery pack or 8 D-cell batteries. With the FreePlay Connect app for iOS and Android, you can have complete wireless control of your FreePlay including 3-band EQ for each channel, FX processor and Feedback Destroyer.




Plug in a mic and guitar and perform anywhere. Even play along with backing tracks from your Bluetooth-capable device. With 4 voicing modes, 16 Digital FX, Feedback Destroyer and individual channel EQ, all controlled from the Freeplay Connect app for iPhone and Android, you will sound great anywhere.


Great for corporate events when a lightweight, compact set up is required, perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and schools. With up to 10 hours of battery life using the optional lithium-ion battery, Freeplay is ideal for mobile worship, field trips and more.


Bluetooth music streaming turns any event into a party using your favorite app or music library. Choose your music and control it all from anywhere in the room. Having a karaoke night? FreePlay lets you connect up to two microphones. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, BBQs and more.


Hardware Features

  • Built-in 4-channel digital mixer
  • Stream your music from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device
  • Flexible choice of AC or battery power
  • Easy-to-use, built-in controls plus option for complete wireless operation
  • Built-in feedback destroyer
  • 16 great-sounding digital effects
  • 4 speaker voicing modes
  • FreePlay Connect app available for iPhone, iPod touch and Android

FreePlay provides clear highs and deep lows from the powerful 8 inch woofer and dual high-frequency drivers powered by a 300 watt Class-D amplifier.

Convenient controls for quick adjustment of key functions like Channel Level, FX Level and Type, Feedback Destroyer and Speaker Voicing Mode.

1/8 inch Aux in lets you connect any device with a headphone output directly to FreePlay.

Monitor Out lets you feed the inputs of a powered speaker or subwoofer, or even send it to a front-of-house mixer.


FreePlay Connect app for iOS and Android

Control every aspect of your mix using the Mackie FreePlay Connect control app. Get total mobile control over all mix levels, channel EQ, Feedback Destroyer and a library of 16 digital effects. Attach your phone to a mic stand or discreetly control FreePlay from anywhere.

Quickly set channel levels, mute, and view meters from the mixer view.

Mixer View

Channel EQ

Reverb & Delay FX

Voicing Modes



FreePlay Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

The FreePlay Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack allows you to use FreePlay without the need to be plugged in or wasting money on expensive batteries. Additionally, when not in use, simply recharge the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack using FreePlay’s power cord.