Martin Authentic Acoustic Value Pack Phosphor Bronze Light Guitar Strings

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Two Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance and one Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 string packs in one budget-friendly pack.
This Martin Authentic Acoustic value pack features one set of MA540 and one set of MA540T with a bonus set of MA540.

Martin Authentic Acoustic strings (MA540) are engineered with the performer in mind and they will always stand up to rigorous play and performance schedules. Martin starts with their highest tensile-strength core wire, then tin-plate it on all six strings for added corrosion resistance; because what you don't see matters. When coupled with high-quality wrap wire you get consistent tone that you can count on song after song.

Martin's next-generation Lifespan 2.0 (MA540T) strings are engineered using a patented technology only available from Martin. Developed to protect the core wire and wrap wire to prevent corrosion with compromising tone - the single most important attribute of the guitar strings. Lifespan 2.0 strings ensure they will sound better, longer than any other extended-life string on the market.

Now they are combined in a single value pack so you can experience both. Enjoy excellent tuning stability, great playability and feel, and superior reliability with authentic tone!
Save 25% with this special pack.