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    For years, players thought it was impossible to get the compact convenience of a portable digital piano with the quality of an acoustic instrument.

    Kawai, which has long designed its digital pianos in conjunction with its acoustic models, stepped up to the task with the MP Series, crafted for professional-level performance in a size ideal for gigging musicians or someone wanting a quality practice instrument at home.

    About Kawai MP Series Stage Pianos

    Back in 2014, MMR voted the MP Series its "Pro Digital Keyboard Line of the Year" and awarded than distinction again in 2018 and 2019.

    What distinguishes the MP Series from other portable digital pianos?

    • Advanced action makes it feel as if you're performing on an acoustic piano, even when you have to pack up your instrument in a case to take it to a gig. Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, added to newer models, captures the sense of placing your hands to play a chord, experiencing the instrument's response and resistance, and hearing all dynamics and articulations rendered faithfully.
    • Each MP Series model is equipped with an array of quality tones, both from samples of Kawai's acoustic pianos and other instrument offerings that round out your performance with more authentic, multifaceted voices. This combination makes it easy for musicians seeking to do it all at their shows. Explore hundreds of tones, including Shigeru Kawai grand pianos, vintage electric keyboards, and a tonewheel organ, and several effects.
    • A MIDI controller lets you connect the MP Series digital piano to an external MIDI device. The external MIDI device can be controlled right from your piano - ideal for live performances.
    • With assignable control knobs and an LCD display, operation is straightforward and clear, no matter if you're simply playing piano or bringing an entire multi-voice composition to life.

    Explore Kawai MP Series Stage Pianos at Alamo Music Center

    For a portable digital piano that goes above and beyond, consider Kawai's MP Series for performances, songwriting and practice. Explore a range of models at Alamo Music Center, including online or in any of our brick-and-mortar locations:

    Portable Digital Pianos in Texas

    Are you a singer-songwriter? Do you perform in small venues with a band where you're dealing with limited space? If you're seeking a compact instrument with a professional sound, try out the MP Series of Kawai digital pianos at our stores in San Antonio or our showroom in Austin.

    Our Austin location is a factory-authorized Kawai showroom. Make an appointment to test out the MP Series, in addition to other Kawai electric pianos, to compare sound, portability and features to see what works for your performance and practice needs. We offer wholesale pricing and ensure your piano is safely and efficiently delivered to your location.

    Portable Digital Pianos in St. Louis

    We've been in the San Antonio area for over 90 years. Over that period, we've sought to expand, from the instruments and products we offer to the locations where you can test out pianos. As our latest endeavor, we opened a factory-authorized Kawai showroom in St. Louis. If you're in the area, schedule a time to explore to MP Series, in addition to other acoustic, digital and hybrid Kawai pianos.

    Whichever digital piano meets your expectations, take advantage of multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month no-interest financing at times.