MXR Zakk Wylde Black Label Chorus Pedal

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The MXR Black Label Chorus is a solution to a problem you may not realize you have. If you like heavily overdriven or distorted guitar tones, chances are good that you've had trouble getting chorus effects to sound "right". Maybe you've decided it's just not the right type of effect for your sound. Well, there's a reason for that - a full-range chorus effect mixed with an explosive distorted guitar tone can lead to sonic overload pretty quickly, possibly sounding muddy or harsh, or both! The MXR Black Label Chorus prevents you from getting too much of a good thing. With variable hi- and low-cut filters, you can shape this chorus effect around your tone, not the other way around. Play heavy power chords with a beefy, meaty tone? Kill the low frequencies on the Black Label Chorus, and your low end stays nice and tight with a beautiful shimmer added to the highs, creating space and depth. Playing clean tones now? Dial back some of the high frequencies, and your tone gets a shot of body and warmth without adding harshness. In fact, you can tailor the Black Label Chorus to just about any musical style or tone - so keep an eye on your bass player, he might try to take it!