On-Stage Euro Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

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One can never have enough simple boom stands around, which is why we're offering the affordable, reliable On-Stage 7701 Tripod/Boom Microphone Stand in a variety of packaging options. Are you in a performing band with multiple singers? Don't depend on the venue to supply boom stands that won't start to sag mid-song. Pick up a 3-Pack and save $20 on the third stand. Do you run a venue with a bunch of sagging boom stands? Treat yourself to the 5-Pack and save yourself an easy $60. Not bad! Even if you need just one boom stand, the price on the On-Stage 7701 is unbeatable.

In the world of stage and studio accessories, On-Stage is one of the most popular brands out there. Not only do they make some of the most affordable stands, but their quality is consistently reliable, as evidenced by the 7701 Tripod/Boom Microphone Stand. The combination of high quality plastic and steel-reinforced cast metal shafts makes for a stand that's both rugged and lightweight, with manufacturing expense paid primarily where it counts most: on the vertical and boom angle clutches. The addition of a clip for keeping unruly cabling from getting out of hand completes a package that's both professional and budget friendly.

Our best selling stand! Features a steel midpoint locking clutch, 30” removable boom arm. Tripod base folds flat. Black finish.